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Bug reports / [3.61] Crafted clothes can't go over decent quality
« on: December 24, 2019, 07:58:56 PM »
I feel this has changed since version 3.52:

Although using harsh fur to make clothes ends up having a cloth with rough quality, it seems like that it is impossible to make clothes with fine or masterwork quality even when starting from fine or superior fur

I've tried also to edit the diy_glossary.txt, with no success:
  • changing the crafting skill from COMMON to HIDEWORKING (which my character had at 91%),
  • adding the %90% in the recipe name to "increase" the skill and making more likely to produce better quality crafts
While doing the above changes works with normal crafts, they seem completely bypassed when crafting clothes (I've tried fur clothes only).
Hence I think it's a bug


Bug reports / Re: Not working on ubuntu 16.04 - sound only
« on: December 11, 2019, 10:46:53 AM »
Uhm, I've been playing on fedora linux since 2017, first with the standalone version, and now with the steam version, and never had any problems.
I think the steam version runs via libraries pre-installed by stem, but since I don't like to play via steam I also had to install the sdl2 libraries via package manager, otherwise it would not run.

It shouldn't be that difficult to install SDL2 with apt, so it sounds a big mess what you had to do, and it's likely the source of the problems.

Try to uninstall all the sdl2 packages first, and then re install again.

Now it's years I don't use Ubuntu (and for a reason), so these commands might have some wrong syntax, but use apt-get to list all the sdl2- related libraries:
apt-get search sdl2

Then remove all the sdl2 packages with
sudo apt-get purge pkg1 pkg3 ... pkgn

Then install them again with
sudo apt-get install pkg1 pkg3 ... pkgn

Where pkg1 pkg3 ... pkgn are ALL the packages with sdl2 in the name
I know  this is very basic and likely not helpful, but that's what i can suggest without having any error log.

Did you try running urw from terminal? Are there any errors appearing in the terminal once you launch it?

Modding / Re: Any active modders?
« on: December 04, 2019, 02:27:20 PM »
Some of these are directly tied to other areas of code/data within the game, in particular I noticed I wasn't able to find some herb effects while documenting herb addresses in the item struct, I noticed that they changed when i edited some of the strings to a different base herb, probably indicating the default values are hardcoded or stored elseware, currently I've just been looking at CharacterName.OBJ file which contains the data for objects the game has generated over play time, the default object list is CONSTANT.OBJ, which could contain the data, but I haven't gotten around to looking at this in more detail as I'm mostly still documenting other objects generated by the game, some of which aren't included in CONSTANT.OBJ such as corpse's and different states of hides/meat cuts from cooked to uncooked, soaked hides, tanning hides, etc. There are some flags for weapons, but I haven't identified them with certainty, my best guess is some sort of identifier as to weather the weapon damages hides or not when used, but I haven't verified this, only a conclusion based on a comparison of weapons which lacked the value seemed to be non-edge based weapons. I don't have a Northern spear in my characters data so I'm not able to compare that currently, but if anyone would like to donate game files for research purposes I could certainly use them, as I want to have multiple comparisons of data files for the best estimate as to what data is what, additionally many people have far more progress than me in the game and generally have more save data to work with. I can also provide modified versions of files for testing purposes if someone would like to help me in documenting the effects of the data changes. Lot's to talk about on the subject of data and files, would be better to talk about it over IM.

You'll have to explain what you mean here better, I'm not sure what kind of limitations I have when it comes to recipes yet, I could possibly learn more by tracking a mod's recipe data (if i can find it), but I'm not familiar with the actual official modding syntax yet so I'd be shooting in the dark for a little while (not even sure how to install an official mod yet aside from copying over the main files? lol).

Ahh I see you are not familiar with the modding system. It's actually very simple, much simpler than memory editing. I try to get you started here, because it can be extremely useful for the memory documenting process. You don't need to wait to find a Northen spear in-game, you can just make it!

This page on the wiki tells most of the things, I've been trying to update it with the things I've discovered via sperimentation:

In the main folder of UnReal World, open the diy_glossary.txt file. You can see this recipe for the shortbow, that you find in-game in the weapon's menu:

Code: [Select]
.Shortbow. [effort:2] [phys:stance,arms] *CARPENTRY* /320/ |2|
{Board} [remove]
{Axe} <Carving axe>
{Cord} =5= [remove]

This defines entirely the recipe for the object "Shortbow".
  • [effort:] is how much fatiguing it is, from 0 to 5
  • [phys:] is which physical condition you need to have (standing, no debilitating arm injuries)
  • *CARPENTRY* means it uses the carpentry skill to determine the quality of the object (and maybe also modifies the duration of the craft)
  • /320/ is the base duration of the craft in minutes
  • |2| is a skill gain modifier for the CARPENTRY skill

Then there are the required ingredients listed below:
  • {Board}: a board. that will be consumed in the process (removed from the inventory)
  • {Axe} <Carving axe>:  an axe, preferably a carving axe
  • {Knife}: A knife
  • {Cord} =5= [remove]: A cord of 5ft  that will be consumed.

We can add any recipe for any object in-game in this way. For example, if you want to make 5 Northern spears, just write:
Code: [Select]
.Northern spear.    (5) *COMMON*    /0/   [effort:0]

Be sure to leave a blank line after. You don't need to close URW or reload a save: the recipe will be read on the fly while running.
You can see there are no ingredients specified here. This is basically a cheat recipe: you are creating 5 Northen spears, from nothing. instantaneously and with zero fatigue!

The above works for objects that have no recipe yet. Say that you want to test an object that has already a recipe, like the Shortbow, but you don't wont to modify the original. What I do is the following:

Code: [Select]
.Shortbow test. "Shortbow"   [effort:0]    *COMMON*   /0/

In the first line, the game will create a recipe for an object named "Shortbow test", which inherits all the properties (graphics, weight, uses and all hidden properties) of the Shortbow. If we leave like this, you would see in your inventory an object named "Shortbow test", but we don't want that.
That's why we override the object's name with the [NAME:Shortbow] syntax. In this way, the object created will have properties AND name of the Shortbow, and will "stack" with other Shortbows made with the original recipe.

Now, under the hood I don't know if the game is actually creating a NEW object which is game-wise indistinguishable from the original one, or if effectively it is still the original object.

I hope it was not too confusing.
Anyway, this is the way I am testing the mod as I'm developing it. I actually have a file in the game folder, named "menudef_testing.txt", with the following line:
Code: [Select]
.Testing. -Q- *MAKE*
This creates a "Testing" sub-menu in the crafting menu
Then I have a "diy_testing.txt" in which I write the recipes I use for testing:

Code: [Select]

.Rye bread. (10)   *AGRICULTURE* /1/ |-2| [noquality] [effort:0] [phys:arms,stance,one-armed]
{[NEARBY_TILE:Hole in the Ground]} 'Dig a hole in'
{[TERRAIN:open_mire]} 'next to a open mire'

.Northern spear.    (5) *COMMON*    /0/   [effort:0]

.Paddle 2. "Paddle" *COMMON* /1/
{[TILE:water]} 'Be in the waters'
{[TERRAIN:lake]} 'in a lake' 
{Sesta} '+to probe the bottom'
{Net}     '+to scoop'



Using this syntax, you can quickly add any item to your inventory and check the memory address for a faster documenting process.

 By the way, I'm really waiting for you to release a Cheat engine that can fast forward/rewind time. This would be incredibly helpful in testing modded plants and agriculture, since waiting months in-game is prohibitively time consuming for testing purposes.

Funny I was just looking at caethan's mod files the other day, admiring his work and efforts. I would defiantly be up for this, if you wanna chat more about it we can hookup on IM and get a workflow going on my side.

I'll be updating the main thread with some contact info, and I'm considering opening up a group chat on discord or somewhere else to get at least some connections/conversations started, forums are great for long, clear, thoughtful thinking but this is closer to sending a letter than having a conversation where our ideas can evolve at a more rapid pace.
Cool! That's great! I'm still working on the ironworking part, and then I need to test it for balance, but the weaving part is pretty much done, and I've already listed the many sprites I need for that part (in the code, I've commented with //Todo graphics). My time-zone is not really forgiving for IM, but I was also thinking about a discord group. Would be great to set up discord group for URW! To discuss about the game in general and even modding ideas.
-- Wait I've seen that you posted your contact. I will contact you soon-ish.

Also just wanted to throw it out there, the more things we can get documented in memory, the higher the chances are someone (maybe myself, maybe someone else) can make things like map editors and tools not currently available, however the line is drawn where-ever the Enormous elk team decides to draw it, making mods to enhance the game is one thing but we need to respect the creators wishes as to what they want made publicly available, being that the game isn't inherently pay to play (protection wise, I believe), I don't want to be the guy creating tools that will create a run away effect where the game is effectively used as an engine, rather than enjoying and expanding its original content. It would be a dishonor to this games development history and DECADES of continuous passion from the developers, and for most of you this probably doesn't seem like it's a big deal, but I've developed and been apart of communities of developers and modders for several different games over many years, and I can tell you from experience, modifying memory can be fun, creative, innovative, and an overall enjoyable experience for everyone, but it can also ultimately, destroy an app from its core, for its developers and users. Most people are familiar with this experience in the form of multiplayer game cheats, such as aimbot and ESP in the case of FPS games, but there are many dangerous ideas that can be executed using reverse engineering processes which can have a longer lasting negative impact, It's only a matter of imagination and code. Just my two cents on it.

I totally agree here.
On my side, I just wish more game mechanics were exposed to modding without having to resort to any hacks. I hope Sami can extend the modding functionalities after he finishes fleshing out the 3.60 updated.
I think mod help keeping games and communities alive. But of course, any exploitation you describe would be very dishonorable, given the passion and dedication this game has received and keeps receiving.
Would be nice to know the option of Sami here.
Maybe in the future the freeware version could become just a demo, since the donation-based has become dry? I think that many people even just download it to try the game after having seen it on Steam.

Modding / Re: Any active modders?
« on: December 03, 2019, 11:21:55 AM »
I think that's great that you are delving into memory editing of URW.

We need to think what are the main limitations of the current system and what memory editing can do.

One current limitation is that not all object properties can be set in the txt files. I'm thinking of
  • Accuracy
  • Works as a ski stick
  • Works as a beater
And many other hidden properties.

Ingredient matching is based on names or object property inheritance. If you inherit from "Club", your object will match the "Beater" ingredient; or if you inherit from "Northern spear" you will be able to use the object as a ski stick.

Would be nice to have direct control of these hidden properties, and even define new ones, so that we are not limited to name matching.

A concrete example would need having a [TAG:property1] syntax, to assign to a object, and then being able to require such type of ingredient with the {[TAG:property1]}. Much more diversified and streamlined recipes.
But I'm not sure if this would really be feasible only with memory editing

Some other limitations are intrinsic to the recipe system. For example, you can make only one type of object at a time (no multiple products from a single recipe).

Another limitation is that we can't add new buildings.

Finally, if memory editing really enables more modding possibilities, they would be limited only to the windows platform, right?

Anyway, I'm currently working on a mod, which is an evolution of caethan self sufficiency mod.

I'm not really a pixel artist, so I'm ignoring all the custom sprites for now and just focusing on the recipes themselves. I was planning at the end to slowly and painfully do the artwork with gimp, but if you can make the icons instead it would be great!!!

Mod Releases / Re: Looking up vanilla item prices and weights
« on: November 22, 2019, 11:14:05 AM »
By the way, in the table I see no entries for attack/defense or accuracy. Are they stored somewhere else?

Attack/defence are determined by the blunt, edge, point, tear, squeeze, and warmth values as far as I know.
Melee accuracy I couldn't find, but ranged accuracy has its own value not currently described in the table, but it is in the data struct the table is based off of.

I may post my own findings/documentation later, as this table doesn't fully describe all the data, but has most.

the final value of the item (not base value) is also affected by quality, which is described here:

Actually every melee weapon has an attack/defense bonus, which is represented by a number from 0 to 6. You can check in-game by examining the weapon in your inventory, and even mod the values:

On the other hand, the accuracy parameter should be only for bows and crossbows, but it's hidden in-game and cannot be modded.

Mod Releases / Re: Looking up vanilla item prices and weights
« on: November 22, 2019, 01:32:03 AM »
By the way, in the table I see no entries for attack/defense or accuracy. Are they stored somewhere else?

Modding / "A place for drying" as {[NEARBY_TILE:]} option
« on: November 21, 2019, 03:38:04 PM »
Would be nice to have an option for the {[NEARBY_TILE]} syntax that works as the "A place for drying" in the "Dry (for preservation)" cookery recipe.
Something like:
{[NEARBY_TILE:Hanging place]}

since it requires either a fence, or wall, or anything where to hang things

Mod Releases / Re: Looking up vanilla item prices and weights
« on: November 21, 2019, 02:03:38 AM »
And if you don't want to run it yourself, here's the full table dump from CONSTANT.OBJ:

Just wanted to give a huge thanks for this, been manually mapping this struct in cheat engine, this should help tremendously. I'd also like to point out, that Weight1 is actually the data value for deterioration, despite it being the same value as Weight2. When the item deteriorates, it loses a small chunk of Weight1's value.

That's great news! I'm been working on my own mod and I've been inferring prices and weights directly in-game, this would speed up a lot.  Please keep us posted with your progress.

I would also like to point out that the Value in the table is *not* the value in squirrel hides, which is the standard unit used in the recipes with the [PRICE:] tag.
It is instead 8 times the price in squirrel hides. Here is what I've inferred in-game:
1 wooden bowl : 0.4 squirrel hides
1 broad knife : 17 squirrel hides

In fact, in the table:
wooden bowl Value : 3.2 = 0.4 * 8
broad knife Value: 136 = 17 * 8

Suggestions / [naming: last word] functionality extension
« on: November 18, 2019, 10:42:52 AM »
Talking about modding crafting recipes

Currently, the [naming: ] tag, together with [name: %s] tag, offers the possibility for greater customisation of recipes and item names.

However, only two options are currently available:
[naming:last word] - %s will get value of the last word of selected material/item name
[naming:original]  - %s will get value of original and complete selected material/item name

I propose a small extension that could greatly improve customisation and simplify many mod recipes I've seen.

In addition to "last word",  it should be possible to use integer values:
"1" :  get the value of the first word
"2" : get the value of the second word
"n" : get the value of the nth word

In a similar fashion,  as it happens in python lists:
"-1" : get the value of the last word (synonim with "last word")
"-2" : get the value of the second last word
"-n" : get the value of the nth last word

If the number exceeds the word count, it should reduce to the last word in the former, positive case and the first word in the latter, negative case.

It should be just a small modification to implement, but the advantages are sizeable. I hope you (Sami) can consider this

Mod Releases / Re: [3.60] URWCharacterMenu
« on: November 14, 2019, 02:21:58 AM »
Any plan for a cross platform version? (Linux)

This is probably possible with mono, but I'd have to do my research on it as I've never used it, and probably learn a bit of linux which I'm not too familiar with. So probably not in the near future, at least by me. I might dabble in it at some point, since you asked, but no promises ;)

Sure I understand. When you setup the git repository I can help with that if you'd like, as I have experience with Linux programming

Mod Releases / Re: [3.60] URWCharacterMenu
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:01:52 AM »
Any plan for a cross platform version? (Linux)

Off-topic / Re: arto paasilinna
« on: October 17, 2018, 09:49:21 AM »
I also loved Arto Paasilinna's books.  The year of the Hare, ("L'anno della lepre", in italian) opened my mind and lightened my heart.

Suggestions / Re: Spell Giving Quests
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:02:27 AM »
Yes, but if you can learn at most 1 spell per year, the only way to actually get to know new spells is to start a new character. And this limits a lot the use of spells in game.
You'll be limited to 3-5 spells per character, and the spell list will remain mostly empty in each playthrought.

From screens of previous version, I see it was not intended to be like this. You could actually learn new spells and have a good list of rituals for many situations.

My character is a hunter but doesn't know any hunt-propitiatory spells.
As it is now, I just have to hope that the rng will give appropriate spells next time I start a new character. Or grind quests hoping to get a new spell before dying or getting bored

Well, at least this is my experience so far

Suggestions / Re: Spell Giving Quests
« on: September 26, 2018, 02:36:15 AM »
I agree.
I've started the game in 3.5, and after a year in game and 15+ quest I haven't got any new spells beyond the initial ones (except for the forest maiden one)

Seems like I'm stuck with those 4, and I have no idea about all those spells I read off this forum.

Stories / Re: Rauko
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:11:13 PM »
oh damn, such a pitiful end for such a long-lived, hardened character....

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