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Gameplay questions / Re: Item disappear bug
« on: January 03, 2018, 02:13:00 PM »
1600 different piles?!  Wow, that is so much stuff!
Is that 1600 as in 1600 visible piles (1 for each square) or 1600 different items piled up in a lower amount of squares?

Anyone got a screenshot how it looks like when you are close to the limit?  Must be so much clutter! :D

I don't know if an AI to hand over all gameplay to is something good, so please make it generate more gameplay and more content as an addition to the gameplay.

I would not use my AI wife much and tell her to do this and do that, build that and so on.
I do that myself.

I'd like an AI that lives in the cottage and do things with their own initiative.
If she have skills for agriculture and we have seeds and tools in our cottage I want her to use them on her own, surprise me!!  Be alive! Make own decisions and don't ask me about what to do.

Plant them seeds wherever she think is a good spot.
Tend to the animals whenever she think it's a good idea.
Start a fire and cut some firewood at will and so on.
Eat food.

Occasionally I can tell her to tan a hide or cook something up but she will reply that she will do it, or often she reply she are bussy with the other work and will only do it if she have time. (High chance the requested work don't get done by her any time soon, or at all.)

Don't be too predictable and boring, when I come home she is not there, she somewhere else hunting, fishing or whatever in the woods nearby or 7km away only to return to nightfall or the next day.
Often failed hunt or only a small animal so she don't carry the player.

When she comes home, make it possible to engage in some generated conversation about what shes been doing.
A little story about her hunting, fishing, or any activity, maybe it failed or was successful and what she brought home and that she bruised her leg when falling down from a slope tracking the wounded animal.

And make the AI consume as much food as the player, or even more.  So it's not always an easy task to keep the family feed during the winter.

Also make possible problems that can happen, so everything is not always easy as long as we have food.
Make it possible she get wounded, sick and need help.
Make it possible shes get robbed and lose gear.
Make it possible she craft worthless bent arrows or ruin a hide while tanning.
Make her sink the punt in the river by accident.
Make her waste arrows and resources in a hunt without any gain.
Make the player feel, the pain, a marriage also brings along with all the goodies!

Gameplay questions / Re: Item disappear bug
« on: January 03, 2018, 06:35:07 AM »
Is this anything a normal player even have to worry about or is this a late game hoarding problem?

I save everything in and around my house. I have huge piles of items all over my 5x5 or 6x6 cabin.
I have 2-3 cellars filled with tons of dried, smoked and roasted food.
I have stacks with 3k+ branches, tons of firewood, woodblocks, logs and all kinds of stuff.

All I can remember I have seen vanish is spoiled food that I threw around on the ground, about 10 of those and a small stack of spoiled food vanished when I was gone and came back a day later. I thought it was animals, could that have been the bug?

It do slow them down! Depending on how much damage taken and on what parts of the body they are hurt on they can limp, get crippled and so on.
If you hurt one or more legs badly they cannot even run away faster than you can follow and you can club them down.

One minor puncture is not enough to slow them a lot, so they can be hurt on their legs and still outrun you with ease.
You need to get a good hit or multiple bad ones.

It's a very good game mechanic imo.
I had a limping badger that was frequenting my camp back and forth for over a week until I finally managed to get another shot on his leg and made him crippled so I could get to him.

Edit. I did not read your question properly.
I think other injuries can slow animals too and make them get tired faster.
I shot a reindeer in the guts 2 times and it was bleeding, it seemed it moved a little slower than the other reindeer in the group.  I maybe shot him in the leg too, don't remember. But could eventually kill him with an axe.

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