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[Outdated][3.71][3.63][3.62] URWCharacterMenu v1.0.4b [Outdated][3.71][3.63][3.62] URWCharacterMenu v1.0.4b

Ancient cheat menu I've been working on for the past couple of year's, noticed a lot more people playing since steam release and decided to create something more user-friendly than manually using cheat engine.

Warning: When using the injury editor, make sure your injuries are valid when adding new ones (type, severity, location, damage, side) as I have not added error checking for incomplete injuries, and they do cause a game crash when viewed.



Injury Editor:

Map tab:


Console commands:
  • ~ key - Opens console. Must have Unreal world focused.
  • /tpadd waypointname - Adds a waypoint at your current location to your characters waypoint file.
  • /tpdel waypointname - Removes a waypoint from your waypoint list.
  • /tp waypointname - Teleports to a saved waypoint.
  • /tp x y - Teleports to X Y map location.
  • /tpclick - Toggles localmap left-click teleportation, must be zoomed in. (when you reach map render edge, you must move manually to update the map)
  • /dirclick - Toggles ability to right-click on a direction to face it.
  • Skill & Attribute Editor
  • Stats Editor
    • General Stats (Hunger, Thirst, Nutrition, Energy, Carry Weight, Temperature, Fatigue)
    • Cosmetic/Identity Stats (TribeID, Weight, Height, Phobia, Physique, Gender)
    • Additional values (Starting XY location, Current XY location, Time of day, Starting skill points)
  • Injury Remover
  • Injury Editor
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Inventory Editor
    • Item ID - Changes the item to another one.
    • Quantity - Changes how many of these items you have in your inventory.
  • Name & TribeName customization
  • Teleportation
  • Local-map Onclick teleportation
  • Onclick direction changing
  • Teleport waypoints (example: /home)
  • Map tab
    • Render map - Renders game map, saves as image file.
    • Zoomed - Toggles zoom mode.
  • Tutorial/Goal changer
Future goals:
  • Item Editor
  • NPC Spawner
  • Fast Build/Task
  • Tile Editor
  • Game file exploits
  • Overlayed UI
  • Github repo
  • Save and load character settings
  • Load default items into characters .obj file
  • Adding / Removing rituals
  • Skill increase proficiency
Version History:
  • v1.0.4b - Added patch to remove checksum error message; Updated to 3.71.
  • v1.0.4 - Updated to 3.70 for steam users, forgot to do standalone for 3.63 (so use 3.62 I guess), added textilecraft to skill list.
  • v1.0.3c - Updated to 3.63 for steam users, 3.62 added for standalone users.
  • v1.0.3b - Fixed bug in injury editor, added Last tutorial/goal changer, condensed character page for a little more space, added map rendering/viewing on map tab
  • v1.0.3 - Updated to 3.62 for steam users, added injury editor
  • v1.0.2b - Revised inventory editor code and (hopefully) patched all bugs, fixed bug with text encodings, upgraded version checking substantially. Other forgotten minor-bug fixes.
  • v1.0.2 - Fixed bugs with saving/loading waypoints, fixed multiple bugs in inventory editor and improved functionality, added injury remover, added xray-vision, fixed version checking
  • v1.0.1b - Fixed multiple bugs in inventory editor, added button to add new items to inventory, added version checking
  • v1.0.1 - Added console, inventory editor, time of day, skill points, various console commands, various bug fixes, item ID scraper
  • v1.0.0 - Initial release

Please report any bugs to me via this thread, my PMs, or contact me directly on steam:

Download attached to thread.

   Night - Creator/Programming.
   Jiggie - Item ID assistance, assembly injection.
   Boomer/Jagsy - Game save files for referencing.
   Strix - Trigonometry for changing directions w/ mouse.
   Enormous Elk - Unreal world.
   Stefan - Testing.
   thefinn777 - Identifying and mapping cultural & tile map addresses and data.

Requires Microsoft .NET Version 4.6 or later. (Usually already installed)

November 12, 2019, 06:49:07 AM
Re: Unlocking apparel quality's maximum limit If you're talking about making a new quality above masterwork etc, I don't think thats possible afaik. I know you can edit an item's quality in game data though, through hex/memory editing. Not sure about mod files.
December 19, 2019, 03:08:14 PM
Re: Unlocking apparel quality's maximum limit I'll post something on it since you're interested (the memory editing). Working on updating my mod to 3.61 and fixing bugs, then I gotta update another thread or two. After that I should be able to do it.

As far as standard modding, I think you could just make craftable versions of the cloths but I'm not sure how/if you could control quality.

December 19, 2019, 04:48:12 PM
Re: Old Versions of Unreal World You could search for your missing dll(s) on a site like this:

Or try some of these previous versions:
or here:

Hope this helps.  :)

January 21, 2021, 08:16:22 PM
Ancient Savo private beta available for UrW players Hello! As many of you might already know, here at Enormous Elk we have a small side-project in the works. It is a family-scale survival game, with point-and-click gameplay, designed to be mod-friendly. No combat, the cold and hunger and accidents being your main enemies. As your kids grow adult, they can marry and you can choose to switch playing as one of your kids, having a fresh start building a new home in the wilderness.

At the moment of writing this the game is at private beta stage, the beta version being available for UnReal World players. You can find the game at

There is a Ancient Savo discord, here is the invitation link:
Discord is where I post regular development news etc. And now there is also this forum subsection, you can post bug reports, suggestions, questions and any feedback here.

May 08, 2022, 06:41:50 PM
Re: Ancient Savo private beta available for UrW players TL;DR : Ancient Savo private beta version 9 is published today!

After the previous release it has just been slow progress, as I spent several months reworking the inner logic of the game. Some of the code related to handling tasks and map tiles needed to be partially re-written so that they can handle all the rest of the planned features. And that unleashed a bunch of unexpected bugs, so I had to spend more time just fixing existing features. Well, but finally it seems we have all the core aspects implemented.

Today's beta version 9 is supposed to be the last private beta - after this the main focus will be on improving the UI, implementing some missing graphics, and producing a trailer video. All such stuff which are needed before a public beta release. Yes, the next version is still going to be beta, yet functional enough to be available for the wide open audience. Let's see how it goes! And before the public release I'd be very happy to get all kinds of feedback - what you find confusing, or if you have an opinion on what definitely needs to be fixed, or a suggestion how some aspects of the UI could work better. Or just plain harsh criticism. All feedback is welcome - either by e-mail, or in discord, or here in this forum sub-section.

Huh, oh, um - yes, so, on top of my head; what do we already have? Seasons changing and abandoned fields regrowing, first bushes, then young trees and eventually fully-grown woods. Ability to marry and to have children, children growing up and getting married. Ability to switch playing as one of the adult children, starting a new homestead in a new place. Rearing sheep, shearing wool and crafting clothes. A very flexible modding system based on xml-files.

What needs to be added: Different animals, more tools and crafting recipes, more accidents and ailments.

And what needs to be improved: UI, graphics and sounds.

October 31, 2022, 09:46:01 PM
Re: [Info] [3.71] Cheat Engine Addresses I think what may be happening is the same thing that happened to me. It's not hearing, per se, which is the problem.

Under one of the more recent updates, the game perceives it as an error in the character if ALL stats are 18 or above, and you get that character checksum error message in red. This can be avoided by keeping at least one of your attributes below 18 in character editing.

So, for example, if you had everything at 20, you'd get the error, but if you then reduced hearing to 17 it would seem to solve the problem. But the reality is reducing ANY of your attributes to 17 would solve the problem.

Please let me know if this checks out for your character (try editing hearing to above 17, but reducing a different attribute to 17). If I'm wrong, please let me know.

If I'm right, it's not a problem that can be solved by cheat engine; there's just a hard-coded check that checks to see if your attributes are all 18 or above and spits out an error message if so. The work-around is to keep at least one attribute at 17 or below.

December 25, 2022, 01:23:53 PM
Re: [Outdated][3.71][3.63][3.62] URWCharacterMenu v1.0.4b Night is still around now and then, so it can't hurt to give him a POKE.

If you don't want to wait though, Rudy has done a cheat engine for 3.72 here:

December 27, 2022, 09:38:08 PM
Re: [Info] [3.71] Cheat Engine Addresses File updated for the 3.72 patch 1 update. If you have not installed the hotfix, or if it's not available for your OS yet, continue using the 3.72 file from three posts up.
December 30, 2022, 04:01:58 PM
Re: [Info] [3.71] Cheat Engine Addresses
Please note that the address for textilework skill is incorrect. In Ruby's table it is set to 0B2F5DD5 but it should be urw.exe+A305DD5

I think that's true in the 3.72 file, but I'm pretty sure I fixed it in the 3.72 patch 1 file, no? It's fixed on my computer, so if not, something weird going on.

EDIT: I think I had uploaded before I saved the fix. I changed the download two posts up to fix the textilecraft issue. I think.

December 30, 2022, 09:47:06 PM