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[3.82] T/R are inconsistently used for trapping/transport in Crafting menu Generally, in the Skills menu, in Inventory filtering menu, and in Alt+... shortcuts, "T" is used for tracking, and "R" for trapping.

But in the Shift+M "Make" menu, "T" is assigned to trapping, and "R" to... transport.

I believe it should be the other way, "R" should *always* be for trapping in every possible menu.

"T" can be used for transport in the crafting menu I guess - though I still think it would be more appropriate to use "V" which is already used for fltering vehicles in the inventory.

For more visual clarification let me add a table:

Code: [Select]

current result     | Alt + ... | SHIFT + M + ... | s + ... | i + Tab + ...
trapping           |     R     |        T        |    R    |     -
tracking           |     T     |        -        |    T    |     -
transport/vehicles |     -     |        R        |    -    |     V

expected result    | Alt + ... | SHIFT + M + ... | s + ... | i + Tab + ...
trapping           |     R     |        R        |    R    |     -
tracking           |     T     |        -        |    T    |     -
transport/vehicles |     -     |        V        |    -    |     V

November 25, 2023, 07:41:44 PM
[3.82] Loop snares have to be crafted one by one It should be possible to craft at least 5 or 10 loop snares in one go. Currently you can craft only 1, and then you need to click "r", confirm yarn selection, and click space again, over and over, which feels like an unnecessary button mashing exercise : )

(And that's it. That's the bug report. ; ))

November 25, 2023, 08:12:55 PM
[3.82] Porridge can only be cooked in absurdly small portions Currently it seems porridge can only be cooked in completely tiny portions (something like 1/10 of the pot volume), and each of those portions requires a pot, a few hours, and tons of button presses that can't be replicated with "r" button for more convenient "mass"-production. This amount in my experience is enough for like 30-40% of daily nutrition, compared to 100+% given by a simple meat soup, which takes shorter to cook, and, more significantly, requires only one button-mashing session ; )

So why can porridge be produced only in such a pitiful amount in one go? Is this intended?

Currently it seems it's way easier and way less stressful for me as a player to just take my flour and create tons and tons of flatbreads, which require just one button click and seem to provide nutrition comparable to porridge (and of course don't require containers to carry around or trade).

Which is overall a bit unrealistic I think, porridge was supposed to be the common staple food, so I reckon it shouldn't be that inconvenient in the game to cook it in reasonable amounts, if we already have a pot and all the ingredients.

November 25, 2023, 08:19:51 PM
Re: [3.82] T/R are inconsistently used for trapping/transport in Crafting menu I can mod the game to fix some bugs in it for me personally, sure. But you might agree that it would make more sense to actually fix the game itself, so that bugs don't affect the vast majority of players who just install it through Steam and then play without even thinking of modding. (Especially since URW doesn't have Steam workshop.)
January 14, 2024, 08:26:54 PM