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UnReal World

UnReal World is a unique low-fantasy roguelike game set in the far north during the late Iron-Age.
The world of the game is highly realistic, rich with historical atmosphere and
emphasized on survival in the harsh ancient wilderness.

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...into the far north we shall take you --
-- as far as we can by the means of computer role playing...

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Latest releases:

7-Jan-2016 | Version 3.3 alpha for Windows, Linux and OS X released for lifetime members

See alpha release post for information about how to get it.

17-Mar-2015 | Version 3.20 patch 2 released

Get it from Downloads page - you'll also find changelogs there.

14-Jan-2015 | Version 3.20 patch 1 released

22-Dec-2014 | Version 3.20 released

16-Sep-2014 | Version 3.19 (stable) released

27-Feb-2014 | Version 3.18 (stable) released


Revolver maps test run below started on 12th-Jun-2014:

UnReal World
Unreal World got Greenlit in early 2015 and is coming to Steam.
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