Spear (skill)

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Crafting skill
Required By: Ango, Hard Staff, Javelin, Kaumolais Spear, Light Spear, Northern Spear, Small Trident, Spear, Staff, Trident, Wide Trident

This is the combat skill that determines the effectiveness of attacks using spear-type weapons. The higher the Spear skill of the player's character, the more damage will be done when attacking with spears. This skill also affects the hit chance of javelins and other thrown spears.

A standard weapon for the hunters of many cultures, spears are typically two-handed stabbing (Point) weapons that can also be thrown at their target. While spear attacks are not especially powerful, they have superb reach and are useful in defensive tactics. Spears can also be used in fishing, and the northern spear doubles as a ski stick.

Because of their defensive bonuses, training with spears from low proficiency levels may be easier than with many other weapons. Still, all combat skill training takes dedication, and it may be useful to repeatedly throw spears against a structure or fixed point to build up this skill.


Real life context