Njerpeziläis Scimitar

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Njerpeziläis Scimitar
Njerpeziläis Scimitar.png
Basic Info
Weight: 3 lbs
Trade Value: 640
Flammable: No
Combat Information
Skill Required: Sword
Blunt Damage: 3
Edge Damage: 5
Point Damage: 0
Attack Bonus: Decent
Defense Bonus: Little

A Njerpezilais scimitar is one of the few weapons that Njerpez use themselves. It is a very strong edged weapon and in most cases it can cause bleeding and can sever the opponent's limbs (confirmed single blow, wielded by Njerpez, to sever the neck of an unwounded large dog). The scimitar itself is not especially useful, but if a bow is used with the scimitar it can be a very deadly combination so make sure to press l or F3 on a Njerpez to see if he has one.