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Basic Info
Weight: 0.1 lbs
Trade Value: 8
Flammable: Yes
Burn Duration:
Combat Information
Skill Required:
Blunt Damage: N/A
Edge Damage: N/A
Point Damage: 8
Attack Bonus: None
Defense Bonus: None
Crafting Information
Skills Required: Carpentry
Tools Required: Knives
Ingredients: Branch, Tying equipment, Rock, 3 Feather
Craft Time:
Finish Time:

An arrow is a projectile shot from a bow.


Along with the Blunt arrow, the player can craft the regular Arrow, with a stone arrowhead.

Crafting arrows uses the carpentry skill. At 90% carpentry you can craft superior arrows with fine cords (rock and branch don't have quality).

Arrows can also be traded. 1 arrow costs approximately 4.5 meat (Stag) cuts.

Crafting requirements

1 x Branch
3 x Feather
1 x Rock
Tying equipment
A knife


Quality scale from worst to best: curved, rough, decent, fine, superior

Arrows of the worst quality (curved) are not accepted for trading while bartering.

"Decent" (i.e. average) quality is not indicated by name in-game, and is considered default.


Fine and superior arrows are more accurate than normal arrows, so it is more likely you will hit a leg or arm if you aim there. It is also easier to hit medium to small targets (fox, ermine) with those arrows.

URW Game Encyclopedia description

The official URW in-game encyclopedia (accessed by the F1 key) describes the arrow thusly:

A regular arrow which has a spearhead shaped tip attached to a wooden shaft. These are most common and good overall arrows in hunting and war. They cause small but deep puncture wounds and have the best piercing capabilities of all arrow types.

There are no special types of arrows for regular bows and crossbows so any arrow can be shot with any bow. In addition to regular arrows there are also broadhead arrows and blunt arrows.

After [w]ielding a bow you can shoot arrows by [t]hrow command. To carry a bow readied for a quick first shot you can also wield an arrow beforehand.


See also

  • Blunt arrow - Common, craftable arrow, with a blunt wooden tip instead of a proper arrowhead. General purpose arrow for hunting small prey, used in dazing rather than killing prey. Useful for preventing damage to fur pelts and skin.
  • Broadhead arrow - Rarer, non-craftable (but tradeable) arrow, with an iron or steel broad arrowhead. Capable of cutting impacts, causing bleeding wounds. Useful for hunting, and especially for combat against less-armoured enemies.