UnReal World

UnReal World is a unique low-fantasy roguelike game set in the far north during the late Iron-Age.
The world of the game is highly realistic, rich with historical atmosphere and
emphasized on survival in the harsh ancient wilderness.

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Hall of Fame
...into the far north we shall take you --
-- as far as we can by the means of computer role playing...

Donation-based Development Info & FAQ

Since february 2013 we've provided UnReal World also free of charge, and the free version of the game survives on donations. Contributions are thankfully received to keep the game self-sustaining and evermore developed.

The following FAQ covers what donations are about. Whatever else you may need to know, feel free to send an e-mail.

Yay, free game!

UnReal World free version is free to play, but not free to make.
If you have enjoyed the game, consider sending a few squirrel hides the developer's way.

Is there are reward for donating?

Besides the gaming experience you're enjoying now, and allowing us to continue developing and providing the game free of charge? Well yes, there is more.
Our characteristic video greetings to thank You in return can be downloaded after placing a donation of any sum. Here you can take a look at our previous Thank You videos.

I feel like donating - how can I do it?

You can donate by PayPal, credit card or bank account. Just click the button below.
Thank you, and stay tuned for the future updates that your support helped to create.
How and why to
Support UrW

Lifetime Membership

[EDIT: Feb-28-2016]

We used to have this crazy lifetime membership purchase back in the day, as some of you might remember.
Lifetime membership option is now put to pause and we'll consider if it's reasonable to open again after the february release rumble eases.
This is because we have to think how to proceed with collaboration of Steam version and donation-based development - and because of these are extremely busy times and I want to avoid any extra desk work.

If you're recurring donor who's been pitching in to get the lifetime membership you can still get it.
If you've got it in the past and want the benefits (such as Steam key and Hall of Fame entry) activated you'll shall have it.

In both cases simply e-mail me and everything will be fine.

Steam release

Steam release FAQ is available here at UnReal World Steam Community Hub.

When UnReal World will be available on Steam, what happens to free versions and donation-based development?

Getting on Steam doesn't affect to availability of free versions. It's the donations that matter. For as long as there's sufficient amount of contributions we will keep releasing free-to-play versions as well.

I've got a lifetime membership. Can I get the game for free on Steam as well?

Yes. If you got a lifetime membership you will be given Steam keys to all and any Steam versions there will be at no cost. Whatever licensing systems there might be in the future, your lifetime membership grants access to all future releases and additional content for free.