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Good morning and an even better day to you, fellow survivors.

I was playing with the new beta and realized that a few mods that were on the old forums are no longer there. One in particular is the njerpez cooking mod. If someone has mod files from old forums it may be useful to compile them here. I would be interested in ones that do not work anymore too as someone (maybe me) may be interested in bringing some of them back to life.


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I've got the Nerp Cooking mod and Buiodda's mod installed with the beta. I've modded both mods a bit:
- Njerp cooking mod: Rather minor enhancements to drying of berries and mushrooms.
- Buiodda's mod: I've got both the "original" as downloaded (and unchanged) and my modded version. The mods are (from memory), addition/extension of weapon salvaging (for reuse of the iron), and change of the skill used for a lot of skill checks to carpentry (turning it into more of "small handicraft") both because there's very little to train that skill on in a meaningful manner (an enormous pile of bows/bowls/... produced only for training purposes is not really meaningful), and because I wanted some of them to use a trainable skill (allowing superior results). In addition to that, I've removed antler/bone retrieval as that's included in the beta.  I believe I reduced the weight of the punt slightly because my character at the time was extremely small, and so could only carry Buiodda's version when the weather was warm enough to wear very minimal clothes. I also wanted a reindeer (or large dog, as it turned out) to be able to carry it, as the character lived in northern regions where there was no access to cows of burden (without traveling, which would need a punt...).

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could you consider posting your revised version of buoidda's mod, for others to use? 


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I've tried to package it up in the zip linked to here:

Edit: I just found that the antler comb recipe has to be changed to take "elk antler" rather than "stag antler" with 3.50b2 (That recipe is found in diy_p_Buiodda's boneworking.txt).
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Here are my cooking edits/additions.  Tend to use berry drying a lot & herbal medicine when my guy is hurt.  Even have some recipes which use already cooked meat (roasted or smoked).  You can copy one and change it to dried also, easily.


Spoiler: show


.Berry Pie.    *COOKERY* /1h/  \2h\  |1|  :148: 
{Flour}       #3#     [remove] [bake]
{Water}       #1#   [remove]
{* Berries}   #2#     [remove] [bake] [name:%s Pie]

.Hardtack. (27)    *COOKERY*   /45/ \1440\   %30%   |-1|   :148: 
{Flour}     #1.3#   [remove] [roast] [name]
{Water}     #.5#  [remove]
{Seasoning} #.2#  [remove] [roast] [optional]
{pot} [ground]

.Dried berries.  *COOKERY*   /1/ \10d\ %50%   :151: [patch:10]
{Berries} #1# [remove] [patchwise] [roast] [name:Pile of dried %s]

.Dried mushrooms. *COOKERY* /1/ \10d\ %50% :151: [patch:50]
{Mushrooms} #0.5# [roast] [patchwise] [remove] [name: Pile of dried %s]



.Mixxed berry porridge.   *COOKERY*   /15/     \90\    %50%   |-1|   :148: 
{Water}         #1#     [remove]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [boil]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [boil] [name:%s porridge]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Berries}    #1#     [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Flour}   #0.1# [remove] [boil] [optional]

.Gruel.   *COOKERY*   /15/     \90\    %50%   |-1|   :148: 
{Water}         #2#     [remove]
{Flour}    #0.5# [remove] [boil]
{Grains}    #2#     [remove] [boil] [name:%s Gruel]
{Berries}    #.5#     [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Raw fish} 'Raw fish' #2#  [remove] [boil] [optional]



.Roasted meat or fish sandwich.   *COOKERY*  /10/   \5\ :148: 
{roasted *} 'Roasted meat or fish' #1#  [remove][roast][name:roasted %s sandwich]
{*flatbread} 'Flatbread' #0.5# [remove][roast]
{Knife} '+for preparing'

.Smoked meat or fish sandwich.   *COOKERY*  /10/  \5\  :148: 
{smoked *} 'Smoked meat or fish' #1#  [remove][roast][name:smoked %s sandwich]
{*flatbread} 'Flatbread' #0.5# [remove][roast]
{Knife} '+for preparing'

.Meat Pie.    *COOKERY* /1h/  \2h\  |1|  :148:
{* cut}  #4# [remove] [bake] [name:%s Pie] 'meat' 
{Flour}       #2#     [remove] [bake]
{Water}       #0.5#   [remove]
{Seasoning} #0.25# [remove] [bake] [optional]

.Herbal Meat soup.   *COOKERY*  /1h/  \2h\  |1|  :148:
{* cut}   #5# [remove] [bake] 'meat'
{Water}   #0.5# [remove] [boil]
{Herbs}   #0.5# [remove] [boil] [name:%s meat soup]
{Flour}   #0.1# [remove] [boil] [optional]
{* fat}   #0.1# [remove] [boil] [optional]  'fat'



.Fish stew.   *COOKERY* /30/  \240\ %20% :148: 
{Raw fish} #3# [remove] [bake] [name:%s stew]
{Water}  #0.5# [remove]
{Vegetables} #1# [remove] [bake] [optional]
{Mushrooms} #.5# [remove] [bake] [optional]
{Seasoning} #0.25# [remove] [bake] [optional]

.Fish Pie.    *COOKERY* /1h/  \2h\  |1|  :148:
{Raw fish} #3# [remove] [bake] [name:%s Pie]
{Flour}       #1#     [remove] [bake]
{Water}       #0.5#   [remove]
{Seasoning} #0.25# [remove] [bake] [optional]



.Green tea.   *COOKERY*  /10/   \20\  %50% :148: 
{Water}   #5# [remove] [boil]
{Herbs}   #1# [remove] [boil] [name:%s tea]

.Herbal medicine.   *COOKERY*  /1h/  \2h\  |1|  :148:
{Water}   #2# [remove] [boil]
{Herbs}   #1# [remove] [boil] [name:%s mixture]
{Herbs}   #1# [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Herbs}   #1# [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Herbs}   #1# [remove] [boil] [optional]
{Herbs}   #1# [remove] [boil] [optional]


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Could someone post Njerp cooking mod, please?  :'(


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The Njerp Cooking as it looks in my game (I think):

If I recall correctly, I've restored a meat recipe from vanilla UrW to allow for cooking before all the things needed for Hunter's Borsch is available. I've also modified/corrected mushroom and berry drying to allow variable amounts of mushrooms and some kind of management of mixed berries (it was done quite some time ago, so it's from memory only).
I think those are the files involved. I've renamed the vanilla cookery_glossary.txt file to "ORIGINAL cookery_glossary.txt" to retain a non conflicting backup (UrW doesn't care about extensions, so replacing .txt with .org didn't work properly).

Note that I don't have the mod as downloaded, so the link contains what I've collected from my game installation based on what I think was included, and I didn't find any documentation there.

However, the original web page was very nice with drool inspiring descriptions and images, so it would be nice if it was reposted on this forum.


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I have the original Njerpez cooking mod (1.0). There was a readme, but there was nothing really special in it.

Just in case anyone wants it, here's a link.


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Njerpez cookery is back in action, just posted an updated 1.01 version in the mod release section:

It's a minor update including a small bugfix for Linux and a salo improvement that PALU came up with in the old NjerpezCookery thread. Enjoy guys!   8)
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URW cooking overhaul - the Njerpez Cookery Mod v1.01!


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Can anyone find that mod that added a bunch of procedurally-generated plants? I don't remember its name, unfortunately...


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Can anyone find that mod that added a bunch of procedurally-generated plants? I don't remember its name, unfortunately...

 I'm guessing you are thinking of "Fennec's Plant Mod" I don't have a copy but found the old thread for ya, and it seems it may have working links to some downloads.
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Does anyone have the files for Budzilla's mods? Searched the Tapatalk forum but there appears to be no download link there.

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Just curious if anybody had tried Buoidda's mod with 3.50 and whether or not it was working as expected?


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I'm using a somewhat modded version with 3.50 without issues. The compatibility part I've made was to remove antler, bone, and tooth extraction as those are part of 3.50. I haven't had any problem with using bone and antler based recipes, for instance.

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Awesome, thank you.