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I'm thinking about experimenting with mods but so far I've just played around with game files to see what they do. I wasn't sure how to revert the game to default settings though so I experimented with erasing a word from a ritual file and verifying the integrity of the game cache on Steam. That worked with restoring the ritual file but when I rewrote the story file for my character verifying the integrity of the game cache didn't do anything. So I'm a bit worried I can perminantly mess up my game to the point where uninstalling and reinstalling (which I've tried) won't work. I'm concerned that my game is completely and perminantly messed up. I'm noticing weird things now too. Like now Quick and Easy setup starts me off as a male Kaumo with the same portrait always with the Village scenario, I have a feeling I must have done that somehow but I only altered a ritual file and a couple files in a character folder.

So how do I make and test a mod without destroying my game files and how do I make sure my game files are default? Basically, I want to have separate game files I can use for modding and just some normal files for when I wanna play plain 'ol Unreal World.


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I'm not using Steam, but rather follow the download and donation route. That version can be installed in however many copies I want (I rename the previous game folder when installing the latest version, but don't actually use any but the latest).

The things in the character folder are save game info, not game info, and so shouldn't be expected to be part of verification/installation: if you were using some kind of roaming save that would come into play (I don't know if Steam has something like that for UrW).

Wiping the game and then reinstalling it would get rid of any game data you've messed up, but if you've hacked saves it's up to you to restore backups (if you don't make backups you should: UrW can crash and corrupt saves, although the latest release should have takes steps to reduce the corruption risk a little).


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Yeah, for testing mods, I strongly recommend using the standalone version, which is now generally available: