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« on: November 06, 2017, 09:20:22 PM »
I know that corpses will attract scavengers, but wouldn't they also be effective in warding off certain types of animals who see it as evidence that there's a threat in the area ?

Just the same, I was thinking about what the effects of leaving Njerpez corpses outside the perimeter of your home would be? Would they scare off Njerpez, and ward them away? Or would they come and investigate? What of the same with foreign traders, adventurers, huntsmen, and other types of NPCs?

It might be worthwhile just to put in a little game logic around how animals and NPCs react to the presence of corpses, jut to make things more interesting and create more depth and emergent behavior.

It would also be interesting to be able to get animal skulls and the like, and skulls from Njperpez you killed for the same purpose (see the thread on the old forum with sprite graphics for skulls, bones, organs, meats). Even putting severed heads on pikes, which is a bit outside of the "normal" gameplay of UrW, and which I wouldn't do myself, but in my view anything that adds to realistic player options in the game's world makes it feel more immersive.


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I was just thinking, it might make sense for rotting corpses to also carry diseases and have worms or maggots.


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well... i have a few corpses lyring around and it does not seem to bother elk or reindeer who just wander by while i'm working. or seals who seem to like resting next to a few.

they do seem to attract a lot of scavanger birds. i've had no visits from wolves, bears, robbers or njerps. but i have never had a visit from any of those.

anyway.. diseases in summer might be a good idea