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Yeah, I got really lucky there.

You can sometimes find angos in the archipelago, being carried by an islander adventurer or an islander hunter, almost never lying around for sale in their shops. Finding masterwork ones is pretty incredible.


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Day 101 14% injured, 0% starved

Checking out a new village in case they have any silver.

Day 102 14% injured, 0% starved

Checked another village, this one had the robber's quest. I accepted it but I am probably going to let it lapse. Returned home, found a glutton in my traps.

Day 114 13% injured, 0% starved

Finished my 1x2 sauna.

Day 119 10% injured, 0% starved

Visited some villages in driik, didn't find any silver but did get a travelling companion quest. Luckily, my character is actually is Sartolanian so it's going to be easy to take him to a village.

Day 123 7% injured, 0% starved

Traded 10 lb of superior elk fur for a perfect shovel. I'm going to go find the island where the reward from the travelling companion quest is, though I can't dig it yet of course.

Day 141 0% injured, 0% starved

Visited a new village, got the branches quest, bought some rye grains and flax seeds. The flax does rely on a mod but winter will be over by the time i plant them, and the OP says that's okay after winter. It's late soil month right now so I'm almost there. I still have 7 cloudberries left from way back at the beginning. I've been using them to bait my traps slowly and replacing them as they get eaten but soon it will be swidden and they'll go stale and I'll eat the rest of them.

Day 153 0% injured, 0% starved

It's Swidden (April) now. I have been building a little cabin just a few steps away from the sauna, mostly for lack of other things to do. The snow is thigh deep still and I'm checking everyday [alt-a s] to see if I can start preparing a little field yet or not, but it's not yet. I guess I should gather up my furs and wander around looking for travelling traders to get some silver, or failing that, explore the driik villages until I find one.  The robbers quest did expire, I never went looking for them.


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On first go I soon resorted zooming out and was in Driik in no time. Didn't feel like a challenge anymore, so I quit.

I just had to try properly: Sharing my experience

At first it felt so exciting, not knowing where u are. Really lost. I had piece of paper taped so I couldn't see region clues. (They can also ruin your experience since they sometimes flash on zoomed-in map while map is loading.)

My strategy was to move towards populated direction asap. No hunting, no berry-picking, just go. It's easier to find villages, game and water if you move as much as possible. I did meet an elk near a lake at some point and soon wore elk. Starvation and cold weren't a problem.

Since I've spent six real hours walking south (zoomed in) and side-eyeing TV. Utterly tedious. No fun at all.

It turns out I was inside Reemi area the whole time. Without finding a single village (I've passed one) and only couple of useless mountains.

Spoiler: show

The character is alive and well but I don't think I am :P  So much for that saturday evening. Be warned.

PS. I'd modify the rules so that zooming out is allowed after finding first cliff/mountain. Or just tape the paper and zoom out immediately. Sure it's easier but rules also tell to have fun.  ;)

PPS. If I may say so, I'd suggest to rename the challenge something like the "lost challenge" or smth. Just to ease distinguishing between different challenges, I'm sure people invent more...   :o
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