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How did you discover UnReal World? -- 10 choice poll

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Here's the good old poll reposted here at the new forums.
Let us know how you ended up into the UnReal World.
Also, feel free to reply here to tell your story.
(You may also consider to find and copy&paste your reply from the old forums poll thread.)

I'm not entirely sure but I think I found this game thru Mikrobitti -magazine. Must have been somewhere between 2000-2004.
I still have the original money transfer receipt from bank when I registered the game back then, that would probably have the date.

I first heard of URW on the Roguelike Radio episode about it.

Gotta be honest, I can't even remember how I originally found the game. I think my first exposure might've been through Mikrobitti too - maybe the game was featured as a "game of the day" or something. Whatever it was, I downloaded the game without a second thought, being a big fan of roguelikes. Fell in love with the game, but the limited lifetime in the shareware version just wasn't doing it for me, so after a while I sent my registration letter through snail mail, I believe along with cash money (technically forbidden, but this was before convenient online payments, so meh, sue me), and soon enough I was the proud owner of a registered copy of URW. Felt pretty good to have my name displayed in the main menu and everything.

Fast forward a decade and a half, and just yesterday I rolled a new character. The main menu doesn't display my name anymore, but the magic's definitely still there.

I vaguely remember someone mentioning it. This was pre-steam. At the time I was between work so a free to try game with a recommendation was an 'okay lets try'. Turned out I liked it. Paid into becoming a lifetime member. Did a simple mod. Annoyed Saami for a while every time I did a minor update to the mod. We eventually just realized its better to link to the mod thread in the forum so he wouldn't have to do coding every... few days... or few hours.  ;)


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