Topic: Compare stats of armour equipped on same "slot"  (Read 1329 times)


« on: October 03, 2017, 12:28:11 AM »
It would be nice/a fair bit less tedious if we had an in-game* way to directly compare the stats of different pieces of armour that can't be equipped together because they're on the same slot. (And memorizing the stats of, say, different kinds of fur only helps marginally when you also take the whole "damaged/worn" issue into account) Right now, it requires I for inventory->move down to relevant piece of armour->Enter (to check armor)->various arrows to check the various stats (and remembering them, or noting them down)->esc->repeat for however many other pieces of armour you want to examine for that slot. Then repeat for every other slot you want to check out.

*In-game because yes, there is the wiki (though it does nothing when it comes to partially-degraded armour) and I suspect there's ways to tell from the game-files as well. Doesn't mean I want to switch out of the game every time I'm trying to figure out whether normally-better-but-heavily-degraded armour A is still better than lousy-but-whole armour B.