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This is a migration of the old IRC topic from the old forum. It has some replies there that you may want to read which I won't be copying over.

I made an IRC chatroom. The idea is that it would be open all the time and people could lurk in it and now and then conversation could happen. Rules for conduct would be same as the forums -- don't be mean to each other. :)

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How to join in:

IRC newbies
Go here: https://web.libera.chat/

Pick a name for yourself (preferrably your forum name so we know who you are, or if not then at least use the same name every time you join the channel)

In the "channels" box, type ##urw

Fill out the captcha and type connect.

The channel is ##urw not #urw because # channels are for official channels maintained by organisations -- so like if Sami wanted to own the channel because it's his game. ## channels are for unofficial groups, like this fan based channel.

Slightly more advanced

Download a program to connect to IRC. There are a lot of these. There's http://www.mirc.com/ for Windows and http://pidgin.im/ which works on windows/mac/linux. There's http://www.irssi.org for those of us who like to live in a terminal window.

You need to connect to libera. there might be some gui feature you could use or there might be a box to type in.

port 6697 for TLS OR port 6667 for plaintext

see https://libera.chat/ for network information).

you might want to set it to autojoin ##urw

you might need to type something like this:

--- Code: ---/connect irc.libera.chat
/join ##urw

--- End code ---

after the first command you get a wall of text welcoming you to libera, after the second you join the channel.

If anyone is using irssi, I'm happy to paste from my .irssi/config if you want autojoin. If you're using something with a gui it probably has a button that'll do that for you.

basic irc commands

you might want to register your name so that nobody else can pretend to be you. type:

--- Code: ---/msg nickserv register password email@address.com
--- End code ---

where password is your new irc password and email@address.com is your real e-mail address.

after that, every time you sign on, you have to type

--- Code: ---/msg nickserv identify password
--- End code ---

(your program can do that automatically for you if you set it up)

you might want to send a private message to someone in the channel. do that by typing

--- Code: --- /msg nickname hi
--- End code ---

sometimes instead of saying something you want to do an action. type this without the space between / and me:

--- Code: ---/ me catches a fish with a rock
--- End code ---

this will display as

--- Code: ---***Plotinus catches a fish with a rock
--- End code ---

if your username is Plotinus, which it is not, because I registered that nickname.

if someone is annoying you, you can ignore them

--- Code: ---/ignore nickname
--- End code ---

if you don't want to ignore them anymore:

--- Code: ---/unignore nickname
--- End code ---

If you want to change your nickname, type this:

--- Code: ---/nick NewNickName
--- End code ---

If you need more help, here's a list of commands:

--- Code: ---/help
--- End code ---

then if you want to know more about a command, for example "away", type:

--- Code: ---/help away
--- End code ---


1) no spam -- spambots will be banned without warning.
2) don't be mean
2a) don't be racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.
3) off topic chit chat is okay but keep it friendly for all ages.
3a) no one cares what you do with your "spear" when it's not slaying njerpez.
4) if someone is annoying you, use /ignore
5) if you want to share a chatlog elsewhere on the internet because something funny happened, it is polite to ask the participants of the conversation first if that's okay.
5a) nonetheless, this is a public channel that anyone can join, so think about how much private information you want to share about yourself.

More rules can be added as we need them.

--- Quote ---Backup channel in case of Netsplits or if Libera gets DDoSed:

Go to this page: http://www.spotchat.org/connect.html
In the box where it says Nickname, type a name you want to use.
In the box where it says Channel, delete #spotchat and type #urw
Then press start!

Using a client:

connect to irc.spotchat.org

once connected, type /join #urw
--- End quote ---

Pinned. It's so good to remember the IRC room still being there. Would be fun to arrange a few designated chat sessions with me and Erkka participating in 2018.

Hello folks,

It is Sunday 22th of April, half past six (Finnish Time; UTC+3) and I'm online at the irc channel. Come to chat if you happen to feel like that. I have an idle evening with nothing special to do, so I might well hang around the irc channel until 22:00 UTC+3 or so.

Tom H:

--- Quote from: Erkka on April 22, 2018, 05:30:42 PM ---Hello folks,

It is Sunday 22th of April, half past six (Finnish Time; UTC+3) and I'm online at the irc channel. Come to chat if you happen to feel like that. I have an idle evening with nothing special to do, so I might well hang around the irc channel until 22:00 UTC+3 or so.

--- End quote ---

Shucks! I think I was tanning a ragged badger hide at the time. Note to self: Two arrows is two too many...

Not sure how much the IRC is still used, but maybe it would be best to move it to FreeNode successor, LiberaChat, given the recent takeover of FreeNode by "Korea's crown prince"

More details here:


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