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« on: September 11, 2017, 07:51:56 AM »
I've been playing URW for about a year, I only just realized today that Stags are the male elks. Anything involved with Europe turns on my European-to-North-American animal translator in my brain...
Glutton (translation: Wolverine)
Eagle-Owl (translation: Great Horned Owl(ish))
Polecat (translation: some kind of mink-ferret hybrid-like creature)
Reindeer (translation: Caribou)
Elk (translation: Moose)
Stag/Red Deer (translation: Elk)

So, I naturally assumed it meant Red Deer and also assumed that they existed in Finland in the iron age. But no, I saw some forum post in another forum where Sami mentions they are the male elk (E.G. Bull Moose). It always seemed weird that they gave more meat than the elk, but who knows... in Finland maybe they are the size of elephants! But yes, you learn something every day.

It means they are the only large ungulate in the game other than Reindeer. It's neat actually, I spent years in Newfoundland where Moose were introduced (and spread like crazy) and it has a very similar landscape and fauna as Finland (no deer, just Moose, Caribou, and endless bogs). Another reason I enjoy the game.

For the sake of a general fauna discussion, any native Finnish fauna that seems missing? What about Roe Deer (translation well...deer)? I read a thing that they came to Finland recently, but may have been seasonal visitors in the past. Any Finnish, or Finniphiliac, people know whether they'd be relevant?