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« on: September 10, 2017, 10:03:37 PM »
Currently villagers just kinda shuffle around without purpose.
And this makes me sad.

Thinking on it, making a global schedule for village and assigning roles to villagers might breathe some life in those locations.
Rough example:
early morning
-maidens cook breakfast
-hunters leave for hunt
-farmers go to field
-crafters and others are doing various menial tasks
late morning
-maidens deliver brekfast to farmers in field
-hunters are still away
-crafters and others are gathering in dining hall to eat

And so on.
That way village would appear, well, a village.

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The Roleplayer seconds this idea.

Villagers just don't seem villagery enough, I know that it is planned to make them much more lifelike. But they are a very big part of the game, in my opinion at least. And having them just shuffle around is just plain boring. It'd be nice if there was some changes in their basic behaviour soon.


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Something that might fit in also would be water carriers that bring water to the village from the nearest body of water, and also bathing and washing things like clothes.

Longer term, more communal life can be thought about... like what happens when someone in the village is killed? Do the villagers participate in a funeral?