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The leather belt (which DOES look like a sturdy sling) is called ar-leabelt.


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Fabulous, Behold people first Sling mod created :D tested it on the people in the village and it's suprisingly accurate, though it won't take down even a kid in one hit (or several, good for slowing them down) but it can quite easily fracture bones and make them unable to walk. If anyone is interested in trying it out I can post both of the item codes (I think it's what it's called) here or in new topic.

Thank you Koteko and Mati256 for the help.
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Please post it, I'll give it a try with my Koivulainen :)

How is the range compared to a primitive bow, by the way?


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Put it in diy_glossary.txt      As for range I noticed after 10 tiles shots start to be innacurate but it might be even 8 or 7 range.
                                         Not exactly sure didn't do extensive testinng though I noticed the shots are a bit on pricey side,
                                         Shortbow costed around 45 shots. So I think it needs a bit lower price.

.Sling.  -0- "Shortbow" [effort:1] [phys:stance,arms]  *HIDEWORKING* %15% /30/
{Cord} [remove]
{Tying equipment} [remove]

.Shot. -9- "Blunt arrow" (5) [effort:1] [phys:hands,one-armed] *COMMON* /15/ [patch:5]
{Rock} '+for ammunition' [remove] [patchwise]
{Rock} '+for knapping'