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It seems like my skills have a lower chance to succeed well when I'm tired/weary/etc., even if my penalty is low (i.e., no fatigue). For instance, if I find an animal in my trap-fence at the end of the day, it seems to me like I'm better off sleeping before I kill & skin it, rather than skinning it when I'm Extremely Tired - if I do, I often wind up with a Harsh skin.

Is that right, or just confirmation bias? So hard to tell the difference  :P

JEB Davis

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I tend to agree with you although I can't prove it, and I hope it's one of those things that is true but Sami will not tell us. Knowing every little internal modifier of the game spoils the fun for me. Just go by what is realistic, I say, and don't dig into all of the workings of the game. This works for me anyhow, and to each his/her own, of course.

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If I were to guess, it seems like more effort the activity requires, the more of a penalty you get for being tired.


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It's certainly the case that the harder the work is the greater the penalty for being fatigued is. If there is a penalty for being tired, it's probably fairly small. I'm usually trying to make my character stay up sufficiently late to wake up in the morning, rather than the wee hours, but it's a constant struggle, as they tend to get tired far too early.


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It's definitely a realistic touch. And I agree with you, @PALU - but I'd probably be Ready to Drop by noon if I spent the day chopping down trees and splitting them into boards  ;D