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can you make an option that lets you choose your starting stats and items? i know that you can choose your starting skills, but i want to be able to choose my starting stats and items. i really do not like the random aspect of starting.

it seems that this mod would be easy to do , and would only take a few hours max. but i think that it would be really useful.
you can leave the random generator for people who want to use it, but getting high stats by re-rolling until i have a perfect character does not feel fulfilling to me. you could make it so that we have a certain number of points(the average number you would get by randomly rolling) to assign and we can choose as many items as we want as long as they are under a certain value.

i would also appreciate the option to have auto-saves and be able to go back to your last auto save after death.


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The game does autosave when you go to sleep (or is it wakeup?). If you abort (not exit) the game you can 'scum save' to that point. The mod structure for saves is also easy to work with. I save copy of [person] to my_Documents. Once there I change the directory name to include a note like [person hunting deer] or [person got shovel]


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I believe there are hack tools to allow you to mess around with stats and equipment.

While UrW auto saves, those saves are NOT reliable for save scumming purposes, because they're not complete. UrW performs some integration of temporary data files when performing a proper save. Most of the time save scumming through crashing UrW (or recovery from a crash) will work fine, but at times the save is corrupted.
You should make regular backups of your save folder (the (copy) generated by a simple copy/paste work fine, as it won't interfere with the game, so Brygun's method seems like overkill). If you want to save scum you can delete the save folder and replace it with the previous backup. However, that is not the way UrW is intended to be played. You take risks and you live (and die) with the consequences of your actions. If you want to play with save scumming it's your business of course (but don't brag about things you achieved through save scumming), but you're playing the game in a way it wasn't intended to be played.

I think you have to delete/rename ANCESTORS to revive a dead character. At least you have to if you want to create a new character with the same name as a previous one.


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it seems that [this] would be easy to do , and would only take a few hours max.

Never say this to a programmer.  ;)