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Disclaimer: This is not my original idea, just someone who pitched in his two pebbles. Original post can be found here (Steam forum) by OP. Will link this post on the other forum as well. :)

Spend a night tripping on the Noaidi's in an actual heated sauna, yours or a villages. Perform general sacrifices before midnight. Use the vasta and some water from a bucket at midnight. Get a message in the early morning saying "Your spirit has been passed to the realm of the guardians. You will be remembered. You feel safe"... or something along these lines.

Bada-boom bada-bing. Believable way to have a respawn feature in Unreal World?

If it has to be EXTRA difficult/believable... it could be a mechanic that needs a spell/magic means specific to it to be known.

Just a postulation.

PS from me: not sure if it's even possible to manipulate save files directly using mods.. nothing urgent, mind you, just 'nice to have'..
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