Topic: What skill governs crafted clothing quality?  (Read 19829 times)


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Common. Capped at decent.
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So even with superior furs you can't craft fine/masterwork clothing - only trade for it?


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Yes. Using superior furs is to waste them, unfortunately (it helps reducing the risk of producing inferior clothes, but that's not worth it in my view).


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Well, that's definitely good to know. Here I've been wondering why the heck I can't make any good clothes from my fine and superior bearskins when I have Hideworking in the 70's :o

JEB Davis

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And I don't think this is a bad thing, after all we are usually playing 16 year old kids that just left home.
Should we be able to make fine and masterwork items of any type, I wonder?
Perhaps that should be reserved for craftsmen/craftswomen with workshops in villages (and foreign traders).
Maybe more crafts should have quality caps on them...

Labtop 215

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I think it would be nice endgame content if we could eventually pick a trade and unlock the ability to produce masterworks in that trade.  Stuff like being able to smith as a trade is a common example, but being clothier, or wood worker (produce masterwork carved, or wood integral items like arrows, bow's, and the like), instead of just being stuck either being able to produce masterworks or not.  It might cap what a single character can do which many would see as undesirable, but it could add diversity to characters.

Basic idea would be that a jack of all trades, master or none would only be able to produce decent works of all things, but the ability to craft or procure masterworks of a set of items would be attainable.

Right now, I know characters with maxed skills are currently able to produce masterworks of furs, leather, and foods of all kinds.

There are other products that I suspect you could create masterworks of but I'm not fully sure.  I'm not sure if board creation quality for instance is capped at decent, and I'm not sure if it's timber-craft or carpentry skill that governs it's creation quality, weather it is capped by the quality of the trunk or log (or if it isn't via an internal no quality tag).  If you can get boards and staffs at masterworks quality you can add those to the above list, as well as paw-boards, and paddles.


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You can get superior boards (timbercraft), so masterworks pawboards can be made (as well as paddles, although quality has no effect). You cannot make staves of higher quality than decent, but you can occasionally buy fine and superior ones in villages, so superior javelins can be made (I've yet to make one, though).