Topic: Give the "arrow-tip" treatment to javelins  (Read 694 times)


« on: December 16, 2023, 09:17:05 PM »
In other words, allow us to manufacture bone javelin-heads, buy iron javelin-heads and ability to manufacture javelins using them. Then we can choose to use simple sharpened point as now, or make a more proper javelin with the new heads. With this I believe javelin making should also be moved under the carpentry skill, allowing player to manufacture fine and masterwork javelins with proper tips. Possibly staff making should too, to make it harder to get the proper materials for good quality javelin.

I don't think the stat line of the weapon needs to change, as the point attack is already excessive for sharp wooden stick.


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Tip choices could be optional and give a yet to exist skill modifier.

Thus using a bone or iron tip would increase the chance for a fine quality, +1 impact, or masterwork +1 impact +10 on skill when used.