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Test character for trying out mod edits... and this is where they are from


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Even better...

the "Abandoned Camp" start goods:

= a birch bark cap (aka dunce cap, once given to bad students to wear for making big mistankes)
= wooden fish hook (no rod etc, just the hook, to pin the hat into his hair so it won't blow away)

derp a derp!


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Lots of the meanings in these place names are pretty obscure. I wouldn't know that pännä means a moron, and the dictionary of the Institution of Domestic Languages (Kotus) tells me it means a pencil. I suppose Sami and Erkka got these meaning from some more specialist dictionary; for regional, historical or place name specific words.

That being said, Finland does have lots of funny and vulgar place names in reality too, there are for instance many hundreds of place names beginning with pasko or paska (meaning shit) and you occasionally see them in URW too. You can find a tool for searching Finnish place names there (search for word plus * to find words beginning with something, e.g. pännä*):
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Yeah they can be pretty funny.

When writing the character blogs I sometimes come up with little backgrounds for the names.

In this case it wasn't that he traveled there... it's his home town.


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There’s plenty of vulgar names around Finland.

Rated teen:
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Some on the map, and some in local knowledge. My first apartment, after moving out, is known in the town as “mulkkulinna” or about translated ‘cock castle’. (Not the rooster kind) you won’t find that on a map.

I recall hiking and fishing the Savukoski wilderness and there a place called “vittukeinon peskihaara” or “female genitalia method’s reindeer skirts’ split” and it was, likely still is, on the map.