Topic: ios games like UnReal World?  (Read 3061 times)


« on: November 28, 2023, 12:41:06 AM »
Gamebreaking (apparently) aspects of UW I like.

1. Undemanding pace. Winter is Coming, but I have all year to get ready for this. Allied is this, generally have to look for trouble before finding it.
2. Palette, art style and music.

Other aspects I enjoy.
The setting, my favourite. Though I guess I would play in post-apocalyptic New York if I had to.
Graphics pixel or isometric, though could live with other options.



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I have an assumption that most fans of Unreal World would probably like games like Dwarf Fortress and Cataclysm DDA. Both should be able to be played on iOS I believe.


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I haven’t played DF, but a lot of games like Cataclysm, the world is out to get you from day 1. I think UnReal world hits the sweet spot for me, between DF and Stardew Valley. With the bonus that you are alone in a beautiful wilderness.