Topic: Would it be okay if the game was in other languages?  (Read 6538 times)


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First I want to say that my English is terrible and that you may not understand some of the words I say: I want to ask you what you think about adding more languages ​​to the game, I say this because the game is difficult in itself and as I already told you, I am terrible. in English and this makes it very difficult for me to play and I'm from Spain, so. What do you think about including important languages ​​such as Spanish, Russian or some other important one? Thank you for reading. :) :) :)


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This topic comes up every few months. The game is in UnReal English. There are several phrases that don't easily translate to other languages.
Some of the phrases have... dubious... grammar in English, at best, but for a "born in north" person, the "Been worse" from a villager: makes perfect sense.

From previous replies from Sami: almost all of the syntax from text feedback is hard coded. There's no "insert alternate language translations here" option in the code. In other words, to have UnReal World in other language: good 90% of any text feedback of the game would need to be re-written.
For a 2 person Dev team: that'd put ANY new versions/bug squishing/community feedback (Suggestions) on hard halt for several years.

(I recall translation offers for Danish, Finnish, Russian, and unless I'm losing it, also Korean, in last 6-7 years... the game/code itself isn't written for localization.)