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Where can i find/make yarn? I want make some arrows and bows to hunt birds. I know that you can craft yarn with nettles but i never found this plant (i have one here on my garden) but not in the Unreal World, i always plays in the north region.


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Trade in towns/villages/settlements
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Trade in towns/villages/settlements

Outstanding idea, but i want make my own yarn, if is posible.
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I hope you’re running new enough version, with a fresh character. And hopefully in summer.

You want to use Agriculture to harvest the plants. Trying to pick them, that only yields leaves and no straw to process.


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I am in the spring sesson. Theres snow everywere.


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Is there a guide, tutorial, link that explains how i can get the yarn? I know that you can process the nettles and other plants with agricultural skill, but i never found this plant and never saw a yarn in a village.

I hunt only with javelins and i never went to this bow/arrow thing since the implementation of textilcraft. In the last game, i made a quick bow with cord of a fur, but i could not shot. I had to trade some stuff for arrows and went hunt some birds, but i drowed, trying to recovery my last arrows in midlle of tha ocean/lake.  :'(.
It is sad dude.

FORGET, i found!
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When asking a question, it's not a good idea to then just say "never mind, I've found it/figured it out", as it's more than likely that someone else has the same question. It's better to say "never mind, I've found out that it's like this...".

As mentioned, harvest nettles (and flax/hemp, but you'll have to grow those yourself) using s-a-h or the new (and much appreciated) s-a-i. This can be done somewhat early, before the plant is ready for "real" harvest, but I don't think it can be done in spring. You'd then have to process the ret, dry, and thresh the plants with the Textile craft actions (under the "M" menu, not the "s" one), and then spin the yarn (after making a spindle) from the same menu. Note that both retting and drying take significant time.

As mentioned, a village is the source if you're in a hurry, but there is no guarantee it's present in any particular village, and there may be cultural restrictions as well. Of course, that requires that you have something to trade, as well as sufficient food to go on a village exploration tour.

If I recall correctly, nettles grow along cliffs, water, and in groves (the UrW wiki probably contains somewhat up to date info). I think it may also grow along mountains and on hills. I can't say if it's restricted to the southern part of the world, but wouldn't think so.


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Hills are my preferred nettle harvesting locations, easy to spot, generally get hundreds from one zoom-in map. And added berries and maybe even some burdocks.

As for drowning, you really do want to strip down nude before going to swim. Physical penalties are harsh for novice swimmer. Example:
Swimming skill 18, encumbrance 12, no injuries. The character would only be able to swim very few tiles before hitting the drowning threshold. As soon as encumbrance is equal to swimming, your character lacks energy to keep afloat.
With 0% encumbrance, it might be possible to reach stray arrows, water fowl etc.
The fatigue buildup isn’t linear (neither is is it exponential) higher the encumbrance, the faster fatigue accumulates.


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Adding to @JP_Finn's comments about swimming:
Worn clothes contributes less to encumbrance than carried ones. This means you can wear a small amount of clothing while still having 0 encumbrance (swimming in clothing is very cumbersome in real life, but that's not modeled in UrW). Also, you can carry a small amount of items with you at an encumbrance of 1 (Very useful if you play a challenge start where you have to swim between islands in the archipelago to get somewhere where you can acquire a paddle to switch to using water crafts).