Topic: [3.72.2 linux] hill replaced with empty tile  (Read 397 times)


« on: April 02, 2023, 03:05:07 PM »
A hill tile has been replaced with emptiness and too steep borders in a square all around it. It's just the single tile; I tried approaching it from all sides.

I had not visited this tile before, but I have some hardware issue with my computer (probably the PSU) that causes it to turn off now and then, so possibly I was in a nearby tile and some data was corrupted -- the hardware issue has happened a few times while i was searching for this ram and I didn't note down the locations I was in when it happened.

I have a save available in case this is an actual bug and unrelated to my hardware problem.


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Did you check if it's ice/water, that has gotten me before.
Snow blindness.
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 I would have guessed ice but it's "more than waist deep snow with thin crust"


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I’m intrigued if the tile will spawn plants suited for Hill in the East/west/north region you’re once the snow melts. Or will it be void of everything.