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The purpose of this post is to ask the community about their experiences regarding weather, and most precicely weatherlore skill.

For me, it always has been an easy +1/+2 skill points for another "more useful" skill in custom character creation.

Also, it has never seemed useful at all. Now while I'm writting, I kinda remember one player posting somewhere in the forum, that
weatherlore could help them in this way:
     Before going for a hunting trip (some days or so) the weatherlore would give them useful information about the days ahead. Looks interesting. Perhaps if it will be raining a lot or snowing as well, the character could wait and go hunting with more optimal conditions.

I guess that's an example.

What I would like to hear from you all is

Do you often use weatherlore?
When do you use that skill?
Have it been useful in a certain character? in a certain specific moment?

Hope to hear from you all, out of curiousity
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I use it quite often.
I use it when I want to let a couple of minutes pass.
It has never been useful. 


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I use weatherlore often. When wandering in the summer, it check if it’s going to rain; so do I need to prepare post spruce or not.
In winter I check if it’s getting colder; stay close to cabin or if it’s bearable to go check trap sites at days trekking. Failing to check for that has got couple times too close for comfort of freezing to death.

And also to pass couple minutes, especially when waiting for food to be done cooking.


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I try to avoid using weatherlore as the grammar of the message is painful to the mind of a pedant.

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The swimming messages trigger my inner grammar nazi  :D

Ye Gods, it gets worse:

"As roaming ahead something suddenly captures your attention"

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The purpose of this post is to ask the community about their experiences regarding weather, and most precicely weatherlore skill.
I find it useful only for characters named Maximus - this skill, somehow, completes the guy.
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I've used it for some purposes:
- When traveling: Do I have to stop early and build a shelter, or can I just continue and sleep under the stars?
- Is it going to be so deadly cold that I have to stay at my homestead near a fire, or can I travel (in particular when the winter gear is lacking)?
- I spring, is there a risk that ice that is safe in the morning would be unsafe in the evening, potentially making it risky to return back to the homestead? Testing the ice by trying to go out onto it while carrying a maximum load is a better test, but a weather forecast is a complement (if you can go out onto the ice safely, you should be able to return if you reduce your load, and crawling can increase the margin further [at least assuming you don't have skis]).