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My Reemi sword&bow character was working on getting some trade goods for salt and essentials. Found red wearing traders' camp.
They wanted my dog and I got some weapons and worn clothes and armor.
Amongst the piles of clothing, one item brought fury to Lauri's mind.

It's war, the red traders must die.
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2nd camp was in an island, with a bay coming to the camp.
Njerpez were falling like barley in thunderstorm.
Lauri did get hit twice; once in chest with a broad head and another shot in hip.
Then it was time to recover kota covers and send the invaders onwards their last journey.


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While Lauri was healing from clearing the 2nd camp, he managed to setup a stash in to a cave of goods, smoked elk and firewood. Once the last wound was healed, Lauri strapped on his skis and headed to an area where his neighbors had seen more invaders.

"Just scouting them fast, not going to wear heavy armor to slow me down"

Well, one Njerpez must've spotted Lauri's dog, Hellu, and charged forwards, skiing back, sending calculated shots at the invaders, Lauri slowed and made the invaders flee. But others were charging.
Finally Lauri decided the make them really pay for the taking of the lichen overcoat.


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Camp 4 cleared (also counted towards Warfare task), 9 Njerpez killed, lost 1 of 2 dogs  :'(
Took few weeks, got wounded to 12% on the initial kiting, killed 3 Njerpez on that run.
Other 6 and dog died on 2nd run, just receiving 5% and 3% wounds.

Got another camp on the map. Then it might be time to start whittling at their villages.
Broke ~dozen fine arrows and 2 fine broadheads.
Below the weapons looted (also 9lbs habergeon and 11lbs lamellar hauberk, couple iron helms, shovel)