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You know how some days you’re feeling exhausted or ready to drop by late afternoon. But then, you don’t want to wake up around small hours either. So you decide to split a trunk in to boards. With handaxe, while checking out the shorty trap fence.

To be woken up by “noises” aka Njerpez shooting arrows at your dog. Fark. Unleash doggo, wield fine longbow and send him some fine broad heads.
Damn. He knocked the dog unconscious with his woodsman’s axe. Send more arrows.
He killed the dog. FaaAARK. BUT GOT him unconscious too. Run over, swing broadsword at his skull. Dead a-hole.

Crud. Skin and butcher the dog. Loot Njerps’ goods. Sure, need to go find another dog. Tan hide in the morning, set the cuts to dry and leave some for trapping and fishing bait. Not too bad. Sucks to lose a pup though. Go to sleep.

Odd noises. Poop. Go the check the trap fence mere 36’ (12m or 6 tiles). Unconscious Njerp in the trap pit. Huh. Well, guess it pays to have trap pits between trees, without fences in the middle. Swing the sword. Near decapitation. Start to reset trap. Another Njerp pops in the view. Exchange few blows, slash his arm; not so easy for him to swing his bastard sword. Then get his hip twice. And slash his face. He passes out. Swing at his neck and cut deep to kill him too.

Step back to hide close by a spruce. Ready the bow and fine broadhead. Wait for several moments.

Seems like there isn’t a 4th invader.

Go back to sleep in the shelter.

Summary: lost a dog trying to push bedtime to late evening—night. Got interrupted by wandering Njerps. Went to sleep, to wake up to another Njerp falling into a trap pit. Killed 3rd when resetting the trap.  Glad that there are roving Njerps and not just camps in 3.71

Tom H

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Cool story!