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« on: July 03, 2022, 05:59:39 AM »
I really have a simple question, as seen in the topic.

I'm looking for a mod I had once upon a time, many years ago, that only added one feature.

Making cordage from wood.

Is this still a mod? Is it functioning? Is it out there?

I've done my best with google fu and searching the forums, but I personally have failed.

Thank you in advance for help.


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Since the ancient past, the game now has multitude of tying equipment options.
Withes from saplings.
Yarn from hemp, nettle, flax
Cordage from cloth, leather
Rope from leather, birchbark

And if absolutely needed still, one could always add a recipe for their liking.


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My thanks to you then.

I hadn't started up unreal world as I was feeling quite nervous about dealing with cordage again.

I suppose I'll have to just boot it up and get in there!

Have a nice day.


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When drying or smoking fish or meat now; you’ll need 1ft or 30cm tying equipment for each 2 cuts of meat or 2 whole fish. Once the curing is complete, you get the tying equipment back (after the 16 or 24 days) and can re-use it anyway you like.
Gone are the days of processing meat in batches of 19 cuts to maximize the use of cordage.

Spruce withes are good for making rafts, bear traps and fences. You can also use them to get a spring start character get meat drying early in the game.
Yarn is needed for arrows and some clothing pieces, loop snares, bow strings and fishing rod/line.
Actual cord is now maybe the least used tying equipment (or rope, if one prefers their animals running amok)