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Do villages ever "Re-Stock?", like, after buying something from a village, eventually "Restocking" with the same stuff or different stuff?


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Do villages ever "Re-Stock?"

Yes, but not in bulk. Items slowly trickle in.

Edit: Not animals
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Like Privateer wrote: yes overtime, domestic animals sadly do not repopulate/re-stock.

Some villages that aren’t “rich” I.e. not Driik or Reemi, actually get ludicrously rich goods after some ingame months from initial visit. Sartola is relatively wealthy on initial visit, Koivula tends to be ‘poor’. Yet after few months or season or two, you can find iron mail armor pieces and other, somewhat unexpected “wealthy” items in them.

I’ve not frequented Kiesse or Kaumo much. Most my plays seem to be south of Kuikka or between Koivula and Reemi. Driik gets sort of annual spring run for salt and any needed masterworks.