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Merge the axe and club skills

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Bert Preast:
Lots of food for thought in the replies above. 

JP Finn:  I admit I forgot to consider that club includes chucking rocks, branches, kitchen sinks etc at the enemy.  A throwing skill is needed then!  Still, i disagree that experience in fighting with one weapon type does not confer a measure of skill when fighting with a differing weapon type.

Tinker:  Yes, a throwing skill should definitely be a thing.  I would love to hear the 20 skills you would like to add!

Palu:  I agree about there being many things common to fighting in general which will make the combatant more effective with any weapon.  However I do think it needs modelling.  Also an axe handle is shaped so the edgy bit is naturally what you strike with.  I chopped a fair few logs, and can remember sometimes missing altogether, but never having the axe spin in my hand!


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