Topic: Agriculture—Harvest key-jockey relief  (Read 489 times)


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« on: May 24, 2022, 05:20:47 AM »
Harvesting and picking up stacks (more than 1 item) is excessive with keyboard jockeying. Alt-A+h, direction, *space, semicolon, direction, enter.  Just to get 2 nettles.

*add an extra enter, escape and/or y in case there’s anything else on the tile; animal, companion, rock, branch: all add extra complications.

Add option to enable .ini setting to auto pickup harvested items.

Add Agriculture—Gather that does Harvest and pickup both

Change Harvest to also pickup the plants. And then IF some reason wanted, e.g. thresh on the spot, manually drop the plants.

Personally I think Gather would be best, doesn’t take anything away from those who like to thresh on the spot and eases jockeying for those that like to do threshing at homestead before going to sleep. Seconded by .ini setting.

Also related, when gathering lakereeds, punt nor raft can move to the tile with the harvested plants: it’d be appreciated the plants would be automatically placed on the watercraft, as long as the carrying capacity can any exceeded. In case of capacity would be exceeded, then throw a prompt that “the load for punt/raft is too much to carry”