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This could be something that only affects me and not people with different keyboard layouts, so let me know if it isn't the case.

Despite having logged about two thousand hours in game, I find myself imputing wrong commands from time to time.

Two of these are very bothersome. Waiting instead of zooming out and Sleeping instead of Switching weapons.

In the first case, pressing "-" without holding "CTRL" results in the player character losing animals that are being tracked.

Most recently, I tried switching weapons on a road only to have the character fall asleep instead, waking up to "You hear silent voices from the shadows, and notice your limbs are aching a lot". (Which might come across as a reference to rape to some people.)

This last interaction might very well mean death on a fight. I believe it could be solved by adding a warning before the action is carried forward, similar to trying to walk into water or on thin ice.
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You actually can activate a confirmation message for hotkey-sleeping by changing an ini setting in the file urw_ini.txt under the game's main directory:
Code: [Select]
// Ask yes/no confirmation when you press a hotkey to sleep.

Roads are regarded as a liminal space, which gives rise to superstitions about such places being unrestful spots for sleeping.
Accordingly, the game discourages this behavior through flavor text (and maybe even some sort of consequence towards the player's standing with the spirits, though this isn't confirmed), but I can see why the message alluding to this cultural notion might come across as rather sus.

I also agree that something could be done about the long wait hotkeys. Two possible methods:
  • implement an additional confirmation setting for waiting (0,1,2: none; only [-]; both [-] and [alt] + [-])
  • change the shortcut to [shift] + [.] as an extension of passing one turn