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Hire a villager to smoke meat or fish for you.


Since the new smoking mechanics were introduced, I haven't bothered with smoking meat and I just roast and sell them. I find it more enjoyable to spend my time hunting instead of restricting and spending my time within a day's travel to where I would have smoked my meat.

I would like to see the option of hiring villagers to smoke meat/fish.
The player provides the raw meat/fish and sufficient cordage. For every ## of meat/fish smoked, the villager keeps 1 piece of smoked meat/fish.

This is sort of already on the dev.plans
Listed under ‘Trading and villages:

Ability to ask a craftsman to make you a certain item; to be paid and obtained after it's ready
I had a similar suggestion, to hire a house-wife in a village to bake some bread.

Also, FWIW: you can head out for 2-3 days when smoking. Just chuck a wood block or two in the fireplace before heading out (morning or late morning for safety), go about for night or two, get back to cabin; shove 3-4 blocks in the fireplace and lo and behold: no spoiled smoked cuts when complete.

But I agree: hiring a smoker would go great with other villager hired jobs in the pipeline.

Cutting firewood is another activity I don't do. I just wear a full set of bear fur clothing and wool socks and gloves as needed. I do collect branches when I'm waiting on something that will need my attention in less than a few hours.
The only time I would consider smoking food is if I was so seriously injured that traveling and any complex/arduous task is not worth doing.


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