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Hi, I have few questions and suggestions, I didnt find any answer anywhere, and I think many people thinking about it and only creator know the answers.

Firstly questions:

 Battleaxe has edge damage 9 its mean that lamellar armor with 9 edge defence will stop it? Which one has priority, attack or defence?

 Iron has 10 edge defence, can edge attack agains it still sometime penetrate it?
And in second way if  damage is 9 and armor is 8, can it still be not penetrable sometimes?

 If I use battleaxe edge attack and target part has mail and fur on it, which it equal to 11 edge defence, is this armor working toogether or separate? Is 10 points of defence maximum or still can be more, can it help somehow?

 Have every lether clothes the same deffensive value, or bear, bull skin is better than squirrel or fox?

 Why bear fur clothes can have less blunt defence than generic, why generic fur clothes are so good in stats compared to another. How can lynx or fox or smal squirel fur clothes be better than bear or stag in blunt defence? How small animals can be at same level or better than some big game at all? Maybe it should be changed.

 How fine and masterwork clothes affect defence value exactly?
I did own testing and I know that fine leather defence stats are same as regullar leather 1 3 3 3 1 but masterwork is 1 4 4 4 1
I know it have to be minimal 3 points to upgrade to 4, but if iron has 8 in poinn will it upgrade to 10 when masterwork or just to 9? Is there any formula for this?

Few Suggestions, which should be not so hard to do:

 Some tutorial which teachs new players a bit of mechanics ingame, becaue not all like searching all web all time. I see many people don't like game becasu is too hard. In fact they just don't understand it.

 Saving and autosaving options, I see also many newbies don't know how to do it manually and they just leave.
I also use sometimes my saves even being old player, still doing wrong decisions, and can't image that had to done everything from the start. It can be point mechanic which will reduce game points if you load older save than the regullar one or if you die. And adding positive points for every season survived for every character ingame. It can still force to more thinking without loosing all thousands hours game progres in few seconds.

Angry njerpz or robbers will not chase character to water. Its easy to hunt all village from raft becasue they all time trying to swim to deep water but they can not.
Better if there will be a code which will force them to keep distance if character is on raft in deep water, and they will try stay out of bow range.

Poisonous weapons where well knowed in medieval times and long before, I read that they use it in Scandinavia also.
I think adding few plants and way to use poison and antipoison could be cool. Poisoned food in trap wold allow you to get fur unharmed, but animals have good smell and I dont think bear would eat a fish if it smell with something notedible for him. But arrow gluedsubstance or spearhead can change life.

Very important one, a way to put out fire, not only torch. Its funny that there is fire on your house and you standing next to river and can only watch. Its quite easy to use few buckets with water to extinguish it in reality.
Also wet branches should be very hard to start fire, and birch bark which is very flamable (you need check it yourself) should be way to do fire everytime in few min even very wet, instead of half of hour or more.

Lockable doors. U can use in reality 1 or 2 slender trunk to lock such wood doors and even bear with huge force will not be able to break it easy. Humans should be able to destroy dor with axes if it's lock. But noone will sneaky to your house in the night anymore. And you can still use small window to shoot with arrows robbers with axes who trying to break in.

Melting snow for water or even eating it in critical situation.

Wet clothes, I get wet in reality many many times, I was always comming back from school when was young without umbrela, I didnt care if it was May or February, but when you get wet clothes in colder months, you can all shake from cold. Its not really big problem if you can make a fire and stay a bit close to it, like in wildernes. But walking longer time wet when temperature is just a bit higher than freezing is madnes. Also wind effect can affect how fast you loose your temperature.

A way to build chest and hide it underground. I have some nice items and wish to do same what people did thousands years, dig a hole hide the chest and fill the hole, remember place and dont be aftraid that you will discover being robbed after you come back to you cabin.

Sledges, very usefull equipment, you should be able to tie it to yourself like a dog, and now you can pull 10 times more than can hold and it do not affect your encumbrance when fighting in 1 place.

Portable shalters, punt shalter like in mods. But this punt shalter repleace regullar shalter, is the way to mod it? I wish to use both, if someone can show how it would be like if you know.

Clothes and wepons stats x10 and now masterwork wool havent longer 2 maximum defence value but above 20. It is strange that better quality of some clothes can do matter and of some do not.

More defence value for every clothes. If you wear 3 or 4 layers of nettle and linen on 1 part of the body it still haven't any blunt defence, when in reality its quite thick. I think 1 should be minimum instead of 0.

Dogs statistic, you should know direct weight and endurance and how strong dog is before you buy it.
Not only big or small or female or male but if its fast or strong and if it has good hear, if such atributes are used for animals.
I think I saw once when same size dogs weren't able to carry same weight of pacage.

 the tricky one :p
An artificial players. Its quite strange that in all whole map you are the only one who live wild outside the village and only one who is able do do any mission.
Maybe some adventurers with single cabin like njerpz camps could spawn from time to time.
And quests for them. I mean if they had some missions not just hunting in the woods, if they search for lost sheep or will rescue axe for wounded adventurer, and will hunting robbers. They should had to fully hunting and eating to survive and even trade in villages or with pack of traders. Its something common to meet some woodsman who lost in forest, why you wouldn't meet some brave stranger who live in wild same as you?

And the difficult one:
I Imagine everytime I play this game that some day it will be multiplayer online :) And maybe time will be spoiled like in all such web games when 1 day is 1 hour and you cut 100 trees in this one hour, but just imagine you and your friends with houndreds another players at 1 map in same time.
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A. The game has the game courses and in game help.
B. No. The game isn't meant to be played with save scumming. It's possible to do manually, and I do recommend regularly backing up your save in case of the rare crash.

Have you looked at the development page Many of your points can be found there.

Destroying this unique turn based single player game to create a multi player shooter is a horrible idea. If you want a multi player shooter then create one of those. You can even use a similar setting but in a different location.


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