Topic: Reindeer carcass blocking vision when I think it should not?  (Read 7021 times)


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This might very well be an accepted limitation of tile based vision system or maybe an accepted simplification of the vision system (that is unlikely to change) but I thought I should report and confirm if it is so...

When standing on flat ground as a tall PC (206 cm tall), if there is a reindeer carcass on the adjacent tile to the PC, the carcass should not block almost any of the PC's field of vision.
To be more clear: I am thinking in none of the 8 directions supported by the game at about 14-16 meter range (or in any range really) there should be a vision block by the carcass. This is of course because of the clearly mismatching height of PC-eye-level vs carcass-height from ground, even if it is a 'big reindeer' carcass.
If the PC were a particularly short character (e.g.: ) a block would make sense but in this instance PC should be seeing over the carcass.

Here is a visual example in the form of a YouTube video:
10:06 link starts playing
10:08 "You hear a bawl of pain from the south". <- At this point, in SSW direction (at about 200 degrees mark) there is a glutton attacking a reindeer which is not visible YET and on my mind at this point it SHOULD be visible.
10:11 PC takes one step towards south which removes carcass-vision-block and the glutton & reindeer become visible.

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Carcassess don't block the field of vision. As seen on the video too you can easily see what's on the other side of the carcass.
It seems here terrain elevation here is affecting to what's seen there and what's not. Those calculations are simplified as well :)
Well, we'll see if this calls for adjustments. Not a high priority at the moment.
- Sami | UnReal World creator