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Use several stones to create a more permanent outdoor firepit.

Benefits - Fire lasts longer, embers last longer, another 'building' to flesh out an early game camp.

Potential small buff to cooking on a firepit rather than on open flame. When weather begins to impact firemaking, perhaps a firepit would help resist those effects.

Grand Sage:
As an alternative, I also like the idea of simply making a fire on a pile or stones. Would be nice if that had some sort of in-game effect, like the stones protecting the fire, or getting warmed up and storing the heat. Hot stones are an excellent way to both cook and stay warm in RL.

I do like both suggestions.
Wind doesn’t have much effect on the game world; if Elks add more to it, then both ‘fire pit’ suggested and WajMan and dare I say ‘fire ring’ suggested by Grand Sage would be great additions to go with.

If these are added after moisture content / wetness is added; using wet rocks could explode when heated. More injuries, more danger  ;D
Most rocks (when dry) found in Finland are not prone to heat cracking/exploding, but any wet rock can.


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