Topic: Aren't dogs die of cold?  (Read 3161 times)


« on: August 25, 2021, 10:42:12 PM »
Today I encountered a dog, very focused on traveling to north-west (almost straight line so it was easy to track). But so was I, following him for over 10, if not 20 map tiles. 
At one point the dog reached land's end with a frozen lake ahead. That didn't stop him venturing further, while I took safety precautions (save) to check what's going on.

After a while I was freezing to death, while the dog was perfectly fine, probably ready to travel ahead.

Aren't dogs die of cold? Do anyone have an idea, what alone dog can be doing, to be so focused on traveling in one specific direction?


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Dogs don't freeze to death, but they can drown when not following a player traveling on water (beware of circling single tile lakes when the ice is unsafe, as the dog may take shortcuts and plunge through).

No idea what the dog was up to, though.


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Chasing a squirrel? j/k

Tom H

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Dogs occasionally separate from their NPC owners and wander greatly. His focused move was likely moving toward his owner. Eventually, the dog and owner meet up again. In the meantime, it won't accept food from you and you cannot leash it.

Ara D.

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The owner could also be dead, still can't leash it. I've caused this behavior when I killed a njerp with a dog. I was on an island. It appeared to move in an almost straight line to the NW after if calmed from flee. Im fairly certain you can never leash a dog that has not been purchased by the player. Also player companions, dogs and other pets are basically immune to environmental dangers as long as you are there. A fair compromise given the limited AI pathfinding, and lack of ability to tell your companions to get in the punt.