Topic: Masterwork weapons and Encumbrance/Injury Penalties  (Read 2567 times)


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Previous forum posts indicate that Fine quality weapons give a +1 increase to the damage aspects of any weapon. Similarly, masterwork quality seems to grant a +10% skill increase to the character.

Assuming a character's skill to be 100. Would that bonus still apply? In the event that it didn't take skills beyond 100, and a character was encumbered or injured, would it apply before of after said penalties?

Example: Character with 100 axe skill, using a masterwork battleaxe and suffering from 3% encumbrance and 2% injury.
Is their final axe skill 95%, 100% or 105%?



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I've read somewhere that a base skill of 95+ is effectively considered the same as 100. But bear in mind that combat performance can be very contextual.

Regarding physical penalties (fatigue, injury, encumbrance), I think the 10% masterwork bonus can behave like a buffer that extends the lower threshold of the 95% skill rule, thereby allowing you to continue achieving grandmaster-level rolls.

A couple of other under-the-hood equipment modifiers to factor in:
One-handed penalties for two-handed weapons (introduced in version 3.17). Example: a shield and battleaxe combo will incur a -15% weapon penalty. With masterwork-quality this likely is mitigated to a base penalty of -5% for attacks and counter-attacks. When your other hand is wielding a weapon instead, using the masterwork battleaxe to block will also have a -5% penalty.
Crossbows have a 10% bonus to shoot (according to the version 3.19 changelog); masterwork crossbows accordingly would have a combined 20% bonus for accuracy, though I don't think the time to load a projectile is impacted.

Of course, the NPCs' stats and gear are taken into account as well in determining the success of your combat actions.
There's also the flanking penalty (introduced in version 3.13) when you're engaged with two or more hostile NPCs: attack and defense maneuvres are impacted by -10% per combatant after the first.