Topic: [Not a bug - 3.70] Retting and drying is very fast even with many items  (Read 8327 times)


« on: July 11, 2021, 10:43:51 AM »
I'm retting and drying some flax that I harvested, and whether I'm doing a batch of 15 or a batch of 600 it only takes about 3-10 minutes to these tasks. From the in game encyclopedia, this might be all right for retting if you just have to dump them in the water, or it might be wrong if you need to do a little more than that, I'm not sure. But with drying it says you're setting them up in loose bundles and I think that would take longer if you had a lot of them.

Also it says in the encyclopedia that it has to be done outdoors, but it lets me do it inside my cabin.

My textilecraft skill is novice level
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Both tasks are material quantity dependent already, but they are quite fast procedures.
For setting stalks to to dry it's about 50 stalks per minute, plus the few minutes starting time.
For setting them to soak it's about same plus a little longer initial preparation time.

So the changes between 15 or 600 stalks isn't that dramatic. Without testing it by ourselves these are estimations, so they are debatable.

For soaking you would actually have to set the stalks under slender tree trunks submerged with the help of stones. This isn't required in the game, but if we add it some point then the soaking preparations time may increase.

For drying the bundles were simply set leaning against slender trunk, each others, etc. It doesn't take much time.

Drying stalks, like many other tasks, is allowed also indoors although the results would in real life be better outdoors.
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Thanks for this information and all these pictures! It's interesting to see how it was done.