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I am trying to get The original work on dosbox but IT just dosent work
Can someone help me
Thanks in advance


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Does it crash with any prompts? Does the logs show anything?

As the original is  from early 90s, you’ll need to set dosbox to 386 or 486DX, 586/Pentium at most 4MB up to 32MB RAM. And DOS6.22.


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i just cant open it
no crashes or anything


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i just cant open it
no crashes or anything
I would like to help you but it is not very clear what problem you are experiencing and what can you "not open".
I have listed the general steps in a guide, here:

Perhaps start from scratch, follow the guide, and post in detail, on which step you experience the issue and what the issue is (what do you see on your screen?) so that we can try and help.

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