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I think it would be very good for myself and all the "character trainers" out there to get a sound notification upon skill increase.
This would be particularly useful for training sessions such as when throwing 25 shields all day long; just a simple "beep" would go a long way and would prevent constant visual checking of the Character Skills page.

As this great game tries to be as much moddable as possible, if this suggestion gets implemented with a separate and clear audio filename such as 'skill_increased.wav' or similar, people can mod their game as per their choice (i.e. customize the skill increased audio notification as they like).

Thank you

Edit: I did search for 'audio' and 'sound' keywords prior to posting - I couldn't find this suggested/requested before.

Edit2: I just came across another suggestion from 2018 which is "Log message for skill training"
Just wanted to say, I think, it would be a good idea to add a log notification as well as sound notification.
Sound is good for instant consumption but log is something one can go back and look at/search for of course; I think it is good to arm the player with more information. Those who are not interested will easily ignore it anyway.
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