Topic: An Easy(?) way to replace lost trees?  (Read 3205 times)

Anthony Fruend

« on: May 28, 2021, 04:05:14 AM »
Making 'Magical Tree Seeds' appear on top of altar after x many sac, etc'?

And the seeds get planted under a special moon, month, etc....

growing goes faster only under if enough condtions take place...

Anywayz, I thought it was cool, if only i could program it.

Though again, after long thought, it seems too like way too much work to get it done.
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This would definitely be hard, another member Buoidda was making a mod in which it had custom flora with trees, and I was helping him draw the tree models. In a post Sami wrote:
Tree modding isn’t truly really possible, and I don’t know if it ever will be. Within the game mechanics and internal structures the trees are handled completely differently than the flora_* plants. Even if those tags would be added, the things generated wouldn’t really be trees for the game.
So there isn't really a way, at least right now, to add a new "real" tree. In the mod Buoidda's Craft, the trees were mostly berries and mushrooms, just very cleverly edited by Buoidda to behave like a tree.

But Night's URW Mod Extender looks very promising, maybe you can request a way to add trees into the game and see if its possible or not, if you come to URW Modding discord channel. There should be a link in the forums somewhere. ;D
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Anthony Fruend

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I didn't mean true reforestation.
Not as choppable items.
I meant only as eye candy.
Just "a tile with a tree-looking pretty pic" for added immersion.

Sorry for any confusion.



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Rocks make everything possible.

Copy the tree graphic, or draw one, into a new file.

Have a recipe that makes a 1,000 lb object if you are holding a rock.
Created object access that tree traffic.

Rocks are great.