Topic: Open World Sale on Steam & Dev's life picture feed from the real world  (Read 6902 times)


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« on: May 27, 2021, 08:27:58 PM »
A special sale focusing on Open World games has started on Steam and lasts until 31th of May.
We wholeheartedly cherish this special event and celebration of infinite exploration. You know, it's very much our genre, since early 90s, and acknowledged with (debatable) merits such as First open-world survival game (GWR Gamer's Edition 2019).

Anyway, it's a special opportunity to grab the game for discounted price from the Steam. Just venture at UnReal World store page.

Since this is very dear topic, genre and approach to game development for us, we wanted to celebrate the occasion with special content.

Those who have followed the development do know that for Enormous Elk game development isn't actually clean indoors job.
We tend to practise what we code, pursue the traditional lifestyle to varying extent, and draw a lot of inspiration from the real world experiments and adventures.

As a special way to celebrate the ongoing Open World Sale we've compiled you this picture feed of the two man dev. team doing their infinite exploration outside the development chambers. This is an assorted collection of dev's life along the way in the real world. Enjoy!

Erkka (co-designer) on the left with frame drum, Sami (creator) on the right with kantele, at gorgeous Orinoro gorge in eastern Finland.

Sami doing elks calls in the woods.

Erkka walking horses in the woods.

Traditional log building with traditional equipment. Erkka on the left, Sami on the right.

Erkka's sauna warming up on a winter day.

Broad beans are flowering while Sami is cooking something.

Sami takes a look at the open arctic world.

Rowing in the summer evening.

Roasting the catch in the rain.

Sami after threshing rye in the barn in all traditional, and smoky fashion.

Erkka after some muddy work.

Find a dev among the sheep.

Sami is getting a feel of the wilderness.

Erkka chopping firewood.

Sami doing mounted archery.

Breakfast for Erkka.

Summery coffee break for the two-man dev. team.

Skiing with a shovel preparing to settle here for a night.

Sami's bicycle trip to gather a bunch of wild greens was a success.

And so was Erkka's fishing trip.

Happy islander.

It's winter. It's open world.

On Hornankallio cliff Sami takes a look at the familiar landscape - not too far away from his development chambers.

The Road goes ever on and on ...

And if the road goes smoothly the next update, UnReal World version 3.70, will be released in June, 2021.

- Sami | UnReal World creator


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Cheers to everyone involved in the project. You guys are the best dev team ever. ;D


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Loved looking at these, thank you so much  :) No wonder the game is so good with life inspiration so thick all around you


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Cool post, beautiful landscapes.  A belated cheers!