Topic: Easy way to keep track of town trade items and more  (Read 8137 times)

Anthony Fruend

« on: May 26, 2021, 03:16:35 AM »
I didn't see anything else around that would help with organizing trade and Towns Naming so I have created a way that helps me.

Find the approxmate town center and drop some items to choose your own naming convention.

Look in the description for the output of a 'look at'. It names this town 'Stonebranch'

And below is the numbering scheme used for the screenshot cabin numbering system, left to right top to bottom, or any way that pleases you.

=========== Stone Branch
1   2   3   4
   6      7
8      9
10   11      12

And finally we have the cabin Trade inventory Items

1 Inn?
2 Turnip Seeds. spear,
3 Barley Grains,
4 Inn?
5 empty
6 fine roundshield
7 lots of seeds, fine spear
8 tub of water, sauna stuff
9 carving axe, wood shovel
#10 fishing rod, 15ft leather rope, elk fur,nettle trousers, #masterwork heavy crossbow
(Buildings that have wanted items are marked with #, as well as the desired items , one could also find their trade value, and save that in the listing)
11 15 arrows,pot seeds , wooden tub, rye, barley, battlesword,
12 food storage

Minmize your carry weight by dropping all you dare near the center of town.
Then just look at all the buildings you must reach and grab items and when done return to your stack :)

Hope this helps. Also I hope it made sense.