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Anthony Fruend

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I put together this 'item crafting list' after adding BAC mod and it has saved some of my sanity so I thought I would share.

Text list of all(?) items and is a work in progress.

I hope it helps!


------------------------------------------------------ Example of contained items
Items available for crafting from main game and BAC among some other mods, just compare mine and your items and make any changes as necessary
open in a a text editor/notepad of your choice, and "Find" your Category to look in using  'item by name'

B ---- Building ----
W Wooden Building
   1 Barrier fence
   2 NW-corner
   3 N wall
   4 NE corner
   5 Western wall
   6 Ceiling and floor
   7 E wall
   9 SW corner
   9 S wall
   0 SE corner
   S Wall with shutter
   F Fireplace
   D Door
   B Bench
   T Table
   K Sleeping bunk
   V Sauna Stove
   R Road
K Kota
S Shelter
F Fence
G Fence gate
C Cellar

P discontinue paused
S Deconstruct something

L --- Lumber

1 Lumber pack frame
2 small  wooden block (8)
3 big spruce branch
-----------------------------------------------------------------------  continues for 500 more lines

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